Hi, My name is Avdhesh Tondak, and this is my blog.

The central theme here is Personality Development for Students.

However, apart from students, I also write self-help and motivational articles for young professionals.

If you're a student interested in personality development training, or a young professional (or seeker) searching for some simple tips to develop your personality, you're at the right place.

You see, personality development is a vast subject (or topic, if you will).

It can include self-esteem, confidence, communication skills, black magic (anyone?), motivation, personal growth, money, careers...almost everything under the sun.

And that's what you'll find (more or less) on this blog.

So, welcome aboard!

Start by checking out some of my favourite articles below.

Most of the articles are quite detailed, so make sure you bookmark them for reading later at your own pace, and also for future reference.

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Overcome Inertia: Moving Past Initial Resistance

(Yeah, that's me with my students during a personality development training workshop | Venue: Roorkee Institute of Technology, Roorkee, Uttarakhand, 4th November 2011).

A Teacher With Engineering Students  

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