How to Build Concentration With Tratak (6 Powerful Trataks to Choose from)

Last updated: Dec 07, 2019

“What do you see, Arjun?”

“Guruvar, all I see is the eye of the bird.”

“Go ahead, Arjun. Release your arrow.”

“As you wish Guruvar.”


Next, we know—the great warrior prince, Arjun, pierced the eye of the dummy bird placed on a distant tree.

It’s a classic example of how powerful concentration can be when it comes to reaching your goals.

And, let’s face it:

The ability to stay focused for longer periods gives you an edge in both your personal and professional lives. After all, it’s the focus that decides who succeeds and who fails, right?

This is where “Tratak” comes in.


Corruption in India: The Ugly Truth about Indians

Last updated: Dec 02, 2019

Can I ask you an uncomfortable question?

Are you corrupt?

Yes, I am talking to you—the person reading these lines.

“Me? What? No, I am not corrupt.”

Cool. Maybe your father is, or your mother, perhaps.

“Are you out of your goddamn mind? Nobody in my family is corrupt.”

Okay, okay, don’t get angry. I was just curious. You see, India is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. And that’s interesting since nobody even acknowledges that he or she has anything to do with corruption.

“Oh, yes, politicians are corrupt, and so are the clerks in government offices. And how can you forget the police, those folks are corrupt like anything.”

Really? Eh…now we’re talking.


Pollution is Not the Real Problem (It’s Just a Symptom of Something Far Dangerous)

Last updated: Dec 07, 2019

Politicians are liars.

They can make you believe anything they want. Heck, they can even turn lies into truths.


By repeating them over and over again.

A lie they have been propagating since eternity is that the gravest danger India face is pollution.

But the reality is quite different: pollution is not the issue, not the real one.

Then what is?

Well, think about this:

How many times have you seen politicians talk about the consequences of overpopulation; that India is one of the most populous countries in the world?

You can’t even recall, right?

They have been drilling in your head that the problem is pollution. They warn you of plastic waste, consequences of driving a vehicle, dry leaves, climate change and all that bullshit.

Every year around Diwali, the NGOs, the “eminent personalities” (the gang who advocated a pardon for a terrorist)—all of them shout on top of their voices, “Don’t burn firecrackers, they pollute the air.”

But firecrackers are not the only thing polluting the air. There’s traffic as well. And the traffic situation is so goddam pathetic that you feel like drowning in a sea of vehicles.

And what does the government do?


Meditation is Not for Everyone (You Can Go Crazy, Seriously!)

Last updated: Dec 08, 2019

Meditation is not for everyone

I am sick and tired.

Sick and tired of the advice, the so-called Meditation Gurus keep shoving in the faces of innocent people like you.

They keep on repeating like well-trained parrots that meditation is a magical remedy for insomnia, depression, anxiety, or whatever it is that you’re going through.

I can suck it up, but things really go out of hand when:

They claim that meditation is for everyone.

Their shamelessness boils my blood…

(Arrgggh… how dare they?)

Can Meditation Give You Peace of Mind?

It depends.


Why Do I Keep Attracting Losers into My Life?

Last updated: Oct 06, 2019

“Why do I keep attracting losers?”

I should have asked this question a long time back. But I didn’t, because I assumed it was just a coincidence and things will improve with time.

Well, guess what? They never did.

But I kept living under the impression that:

  • I could be a winner by repeating “I am a winner” zillion times a day.
  • The mind could be forced to believe in good fortune to attract positive people and circumstances.
  • Willpower could help me overcome the negative thought patterns and behavioural conditioning.

I tried self-hypnosis, affirmations, and also subliminal recordings. I mean, I tried almost every goddamn thing under the sun, but the losers didn’t go away.

Still, I didn’t lose hope.

Though I was venturing into never-ending darkness, I thought it was just a matter of time.

Something radical happened this morning: My whole world came crashing down around me when I realised what a fool I had been.

The fact is that attracting losers and jerks into one’s life is rarely a matter of coincidence.

What is it then? Why do you keep attracting unsuccessful and harmful people into your life?


Green Diwali Conspiracy: Say YES to Firecrackers this Diwali?

Last updated: Dec 07, 2019

Firecrackers in Delhi on Diwali

Have you seen the night sky on Diwali?

It’s horrible.

The deadly smoke and harmful suspended particles float in the air like birds in the open sky. Infants, young children, asthma patients… Diwali is a freaking nightmare for them—there’s a truckload of air pollution. *cough* *cough*

What causes it?

Firecrackers, of course.

But Diwali is just a one-day affair out of the 365 days of the year. Are firecrackers also the cause of all year-long air pollution?


Then what pollutes the air we breathe on the rest of the days—364 days, to be precise.


Are You a “Nationalist?”

Last updated: Dec 07, 2019

The Indian prime minister Mr Narendra Modi’s statement “I am a Hindu nationalist” created a lot of controversies once. People started asking each other, “Are you a nationalist? What kind?”

TV news channels conducted debates after debates about nationalism, and still, nobody can answer who is a nationalist and who’s not.

Let’s keep the politics behind nationalism aside. The fact is that most of us take pride in calling ourselves, nationalists. But have you ever thought if you really are a nationalist, or just pretending to be one?


Is Honking a Necessity?

Last updated: Dec 06, 2019

I rarely blow horn in the streets.

And for good reason:

Well, first of all, roads in residential areas are meant for pedestrians. It’s a miracle that you’re allowed to ride a bike or drive a car in the streets. I’d say it’s a privilege.

But have I always been like that—a non-honking guy?

Nope, I also used to honk until recently, but then I overcame it.

It goes back to 1992.


What’s in a Name? Nothing. Or May Be Everything!

Last updated: Dec 02, 2019

“The moment you become embarrassed of who you are, you lose yourself. I changed my house, the way I dressed, the way I ate – for what? For nothing.” – Reuben Tishkoff in the movie ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’, 2007 (played by Elliott Gould)

I was in 10th standard when I first noticed an error in the spelling of my name.

All students were asked to check the spelling of their names and their father’s names before the school submitted the data to the CBSE. I noticed that the spelling of my name was “Avdesh Kumar” instead of “Avdhesh Kumar” in the form (notice the missing “h” after the “d”) I didn’t think it was something to be worried about so I just ignored it.

It was when I received the mark sheet and the certificate that I realised my mistake. My school records were indicating an unintentional error in my TC (Transfer Certificate) issued by my former school in Haridwar, Uttarakhand when I had passed the 4th standard. (That’s a long story, and I am in no mood to bore you, so let’s put that aside).


Watching too Much TV? What Are You Hiding?

Last updated: Oct 06, 2019

I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set I go into the other room and read a book. ” – Groucho Marx

I am a fan of Hollywood movies. I don’t remember how many of them have I watched till date.

(The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Bourne Trilogy are some of my favourites).

In many Hollywood movies, I noticed a pattern. The moment the actor enters the house, he turns on the TV as if it was the most important thing to do. And the TV stays turned on during the entire shot – running in the background.

Are You Watching Too Much TV? Why?

The reason why TVs get switched on?   “Let see what’s new on TV.”

There’s nothing new, dude!

It’s the same old bullshit – corrupt politicians, below average performance by bureaucrats, and TV channels selling stupid stuff.

“This new revolutionary product can help you lose belly fat in just 30 days. No diet, no medicine, no exercise. Just drink 1 cup of this miracle drink every day, and the fat will melt away like butter (yeah, right). It’s so brilliant that most of the people don’t even believe us. If you want to lose fat while watching TV and munching on popcorn and sipping sodas, you have to have this product. Call XXXXXXXXXX right now. Hurry! this offer is for a limited period only.”

I thought only westerners watch too much TV. But then I noticed that Indian homes were no different – they were also catching up.

Majority of Indians watch TV as long as they are in their living rooms. I noticed many of my friends keep the TV on for hours and hours.

It pisses me off when people talk to somebody with their eyes fixed on the screen. Looking at a screen in the middle of a conversation with someone is insulting.

It happened once.

A friend invited me over for dinner.


Littering Habit: 3 Simple Ways to Say Goodbye to It

Last updated: Dec 06, 2019

peanuts shells on floor
“Peanut shells” by Bradley Gordon

He was staring at me.

His lips didn’t utter a word, but the look in his eyes said it all, “You’re dumb.”

I was on a train from Delhi to my hometown Lakshminagar (Muzaffarnagar) in Western Uttar Pradesh. And the guy staring at me was one of the boys coming back after (apparently) appearing in some sort of a competitive exam.

It was wintertime.

A peanut seller boarded the train, and most of the passengers, I included, bought some. I was sitting in the single chair along with the window.

Now, here’s the thing: I try to keep my surroundings clean—as much as possible, so I transferred the peanuts from the carry bag to the right pocket of my jacket and kept the bag in my lap.

I was munching and putting the peanut shells in the paper bag.

Most of the boys in the compartment were amused watching me. They were staring at me as if I were an alien—a blue, ghostly figure with eyes larger than oranges. And I could understand why—because I was the only one not dropping the peanut-shells on the floor.

The “Littering” Boys Were Confused

The boys sitting on the right-hand side berth were confused by my “strange behaviour.” One of them was desperate to figure out what was happening. But he couldn’t, and finally, asked me jokingly, “Brother, what would you do with those shells?”