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I am Avdhesh Tondak – a blogger, personality development trainer, and voice actor originally from Western Uttar Pradesh, currently living in New Delhi. I write personality development articles for young people, especially students and young professionals.

You’ll find various personal growth tips and self-improvement articles on this blog that could help you overcome specific challenges in your life, and at the same time enrich it.

If you’re looking for quick fixes, like “How to change your life in just 30 days”, you’ll be disappointed because I don’t have any. But yes, if you want to grow as an individual, you’re at the right place.

Welcome aboard!

avdheshtondak [at] gmail.com

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Avdhesh Tondak

Photo of PD Trainer Avdhesh Tondak Wearing Cool ShadesAvdhesh Tondak is a Blogger & Voice Actor from Western Uttar Pradesh, Currently Living in New Delhi. He Writes About Personality Development for Students to Help them Overcome Self-Growth Challenges. Subscribe to receive his new articles by email.