Appreciating Love

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When I was little, probably 2-3 years old, there was an angel in my life. Although she was not my biological mother, I used to call her ‘ Ma’ (Indian word for mother).

We used to live in our hometown (our village) at that time. My mother had to go to work in the fields, and Ma, along with her daughters, used to take good care of me. And not only that, but she also fed me. I grew up on her milk.

I would like to share with you remembrance of a particular evening. By that time, I was a grown-up child of about 6-7 years of age. It was a moonlit night in summer. Ma sent for me (There was some devotional performance by a group of singers at her home)

Seeing me, Ma took me on her lap. There was a bucket full of ripe mangoes sub-merged in water. She started giving me mangoes after mangoes until I ate to my heart’s content. Moonlight all around us, soothing music in the air, and the touch of Ma’s hand on my back-the time had frozen. Those heavenly moments of love are still with me, within my soul.

She is Not With Us Anymore

It’s been quite a long time since she passed away, but her loving face will always be there in my heart.

I believe that just like me, we all experience pure, unconditional love at some point of time in our lives, but it seems that we are way too busy in other ‘essential’ things to notice that-internet, television, FB, twitter, games, friends, networks, parties…the list is endless.

If I may be allowed to speak freely, we have started treating things like people and people as things.

As Long As There’s Love, There Will Be Hope

But all is not lost; we can still come back home, if only we could appreciate the love around us. It could come through anyone – mother, father, brother, girlfriend, wife, husband, children, even a stranger in the elevator. Love knows no boundaries.

Appreciating love is the least we could do to show that we haven’t forgotten it, that we still profoundly value love as life’s core.

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