Are People Who Follow Rules Idiot?

Are people who follow rules idiot?

I am asking this because I’ve experienced that whenever I try to follow the rules, people look at me as if I were some idiot.

Let me give you an example:

I was in studios of All India Radio Fm Gold Channel (106.4 MHz) with one of my fellow radio presenters. She couldn’t get a chance to eat as she was busy with the show. She requested me to get some snacks. I got her some. She offered me one which I happily accepted but instead of eating kept that in my bag.

“Why aren’t you eating?” She asked. “Well, it’s against the rule. Eating is not permitted inside the studio premises.” Despite her saying again and again ‘Arey kuch nahi hota’ (It’s cool), I refused to eat inside the studio premises.

Upon hearing my answer, she along with one more presenter (who had arrived just then) laughed at me, and they both looked at me like I was mentally retarded.

After her show got over, I accompanied her to metro station. Seeing me crossing the road via zebra crossing she again made a sarcastic remark, “We need more people who follow the rules”, and made me felt like an idiot, again.

You know what? I am getting used to such reactions. People make fun of me when I try to follow the rules.

(Just the other day I realized that I had been using the wrong side of the road to take the U-turn after getting CNG filled in my car just to save some 10-15 seconds. It made me felt sorry for myself. I also become aware of the fact that disrespecting road safety rules had infected even my DNA. I had been using the wrong side of the road for quite some time now without even feeling guilty.)

  • When I try not to jump the red-light despite people honking like crazy at my back
  • When I try not to litter on roads despite no dustbin in sight
  • When I refuse to let 2 people sit with me on my bike because two-wheelers are meant for two people only
  • When I refuse to give in because of peer pressure to do something that’s against the rules

Apparently, trying to change my ‘Indian habits’ makes me an idiot in your eyes. But be assured that I’ll keep doing the ‘right thing’ despite your disapproval. If respecting rules and learning to become a responsible citizen is kind of out in India then I really don’t know what to say.

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