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Corruption in India: You’d HATE Me for Telling this UGLY Truth About Indians!

Tue Jan 8

Can I ask you an uncomfortable question? (You’re not going to like it, for sure). Here it is… Are you corrupt? Yes, I am talking Read more…

Increasing Population is the Problem, Not Pollution

Sun Jun 17

Politicians are liars. They can make you believe anything they want. Heck, they can even turn lies into truths. How? By repeating them over and Read more…

I Rarely Host Radio Shows on FM Gold. Here’s Why

Sat Jun 2

As a radio jockey, I have presented many live radio shows on the FM Gold channel until 2014. (It used to broadcast on 106.4 MHz Read more…

Meditation is Not for Everyone!

Tue May 29

I hate to say it, but meditation is not for everyone. Hell, it might not be for you. You believe meditation is easy, and everybody Read more…

My Favourite Movie Quotes of All Time

Sun Apr 29

Movies quotes are interesting – they can move you, they can motivate you, can make you laugh, or they can make you think. That’s the Read more…

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