Thank You (for NOT Inviting Me to Your Party)

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I threw that paper plate in the dustbin.

Let’s try this stall.


Okay, let’s take another chance.

What the fuck!

That’s how I felt while struggling to find something worthy of eating – to comfort my growling stomach.

I had been invited to a marriage function–a party, you know.

And I was kind of hungry, for obvious reasons–first, it was supposed to be a dinner, and second, I had skipped my early evening meal thinking that since that was the last day of my refeed regimen (I am eating in a caloric deficit to get shredded since January 13th 2019) I would rather eat rice and lots of another mouth-watering dishes at the party than munching on a boring cornflakes and protein powder snack.

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Corruption in India: The Ugly Truth about Indians

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Can I ask you an uncomfortable question?

Are you corrupt?

Yes, I am talking to you – the person reading these lines.

“Me? What? No, I am not corrupt.”

Cool. Maybe your father is, or your mother, perhaps.

“Are you out of your goddamn mind? Nobody in my family is corrupt.”

Okay, don’t get angry.

I was just curious.

You see, India is one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

And that’s interesting since nobody even acknowledges that he or she has anything to do with corruption.

“Oh, yes – politicians are corrupt, and so are the clerks in government offices.

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Pollution is Not the Real Problem

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Politicians are liars.

They can make you believe anything they want. Heck, they can even turn lies into truths.


By repeating them over and over again.

A lie they have been propagating since eternity is that the gravest danger India face is pollution.

But the reality is quite different: pollution is not the issue, not the real one.

Then what is?

Well, think about this:

How many times have you seen politicians talk about the consequences of overpopulation; that India is one of the most populous countries in the world?

You can’t even recall, right?

They have been drilling in your head that the problem is pollution.

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I Rarely Host Radio Shows on FM Gold. Here’s Why

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Art is Not for Conforming. Art is for Creating.” – from the movie ‘ Every Secret Thing(2014)

As a radio jockey, I have presented many live radio shows on the FM Gold channel until 2014. (It used to broadcast on 106.4 MHz back then).

My listeners are upset with me because now I rarely host radio shows. And I feel I owe them an explanation since they are the sole reason for me being a radio jockey.

So here it is:

10th December 2003 – one of the most remarkable days of my life – I hosted my first radio show on FM Gold channel from studio number 30 of All India Radio’s Delhi station @0700hrs.

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Meditation is Not for Everyone

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Sunset in hills

You believe meditation gives peace of mind, right?

Sorry to disappoint you, but that’s not completely true.

And guess what, half-truths are dangerous. They can harm you, like really harm you.

I guess you have a right to know the complete truth about meditation. And since I see nobody willing, I’ll do the dirty work. But you’re going to hate me for what I am about to tell you.


The truth is this: One can go insane in meditation. Hence the title – ‘Meditation is not for everyone.’

So, before you try another session of “mindfulness” or “living in the present”, read this article, and then decide if meditation is for you.

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