Breakup: 7 Tips to Heal a Broken Heart

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tips to heal a broken heart

“शक तो था मोहब्बत में नुकसान होगा,
पर सारा हमारा ही होगा ये मालूम न था!”

Breakups can put an end to love stories. A breakup can be hard. And what’s even harder to accept can be the fact that your girlfriend dumped you.

You’ve always had this fear of losing her. And the thing you feared most came upon you. You two just broke up. You’re in tears.  And that heartache-is unbearable.

Your dreams shattered. You have no idea what to do.

I know a breakup hurts like a bitch. But you can heal your broken heart. How?

Here are eight tips to help you.

1. Accept the Reality

Most of the times we like to stay in control. And we do succeed sometimes. But there are times when things go south. Love ends in a breakup. You may call it destiny, fate or luck.  But there’s certainly a higher power doing things you may not like.

Accepting the truth that she broke up with you can be hard. There’s no rush, though. Take your time. Time heals even the most profound wounds. Remember – this too, shall pass.

2. Don’t Push Yourself too Hard to Forget Her

You saw beautiful dreams with her.

You made so many promises to each other.

You and she were one soul in two bodies.

Now it seems almost impossible not to have her by your side.  You have bitterness all over you. And you want to forget her. Why? Because she didn’t turn up as you expected?

Recall the moments you’ve had with her. Those moments were so beautiful you wanted them to last forever.

Don’t insult those moments by trying to forget her. Instead, be grateful. For those warm hugs.

For those caring evenings.

For those pleasant sunny afternoons.

For the texts when she’s asked if you’ve had your lunch or not.

For the joy.

For fun.

And for love, she showered upon you.

She made your life a lot richer than ever. Don’t fight with those memories. Let them live with you. It’s a treasure only lucky people get to cherish – and you’re one such guy.

3. Forgive Her

Harbouring a grudge against someone you once loved is an awful idea.

You don’t know the real reason why she dumped you.

You know what she told you. Or maybe you assumed something by yourself.

She may still be in love with you. But maybe she has some other reasons not to stay in a relationship. Perhaps she doesn’t want you to know those reasons. Or maybe she wants you to start hating her so she can make a distance with you – for your good.

Don’t be so judgmental.

You loved so much that you can’t afford NOT to forgive her.

She deserved your love then, and now she deserves your forgiveness.

4. Spend Time With Family and Friends

A breakup is not the end of the world. No matter what, life goes on. And you also need to go with its flow.

Family and friends can help you overcome your heartache. Share with them what you are going through – emotions, mental blockages, grudges or whatever is bothering you.

Maybe you can share it with your father. I know it sounds impractical, but you might surprise yourself. You may get some tips and emotional support from his side. (He also might be in your shoes some time in life. you never know unless you ask)

5. Focus on Your Goals

Thoughts follow attention. If you focus the attention on your ex-girlfriend, then that is where your energy will flow. Focus on your goals instead.

Think about how you can pursue your dreams and gradually your thoughts will start flowing in that direction. It takes time and effort to change the course of your ideas, but it’s worth it.

6. A Breakup is Not the End of the World

Have faith in the universe that there’s lots of love out there and you’ll get someone just right for you at only the right time. Believe in love and leave everything else in the hands of the universe.

7. Love Yourself

It’s quite natural to start feeling guilty and unworthy of love while going through a hard time. That’s the dumbest thing you could do. Keep your self-esteem high and treat yourself with love and respect. Nothing is more valuable in the world than yourself.


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