Money Follows Trust. Focus on Trust, Not Money

It was 2011.

A guy approached me for a business opportunity. We met at a five-star hotel in Delhi.

He presented me a business plan (sort of multi-level marketing), which was being joined by many high profile people (or so he claimed) like actors, models, and people with influential backgrounds.

“Why should I join this?” I asked.

“See,” he replied, “You can earn lots of money by joining this business. Only sky is the limit.”

“And what is it that you are selling?”

He introduced various products and services to enhance people’s lifestyle, health and prosperity consciousness. Then he showed me some fancy looking bio-disc kind of thing, which, if used regularly, could boost body’s immunity like anything. (I doubted that)

I asked him if he has something useful – something that is genuinely worth recommending to my people (readers of my blog).


How to Become a Model: Career in Modelling

Ah! That burning desire to become a model.

It keeps you awake at nights, right?

And why wouldn’t it? After all, you have all the reasons to believe modelling is your life purpose. For instance:

Girls of your class give you compliments.

Your girlfriend says you look like a model.

Even your friends say, “Hey, why don’t you try making a career in modelling?”

And you start visualising hot girls, tons of cash, celebrity status, and a lavish lifestyle.

No so fast baby.

Before you hit the road, you need to know a) What does it mean to be a model and, b) If you’re up for that.

So I’ve prepared a checklist for you. Go through it and decide if this is what you want to do. And if you do choose to become a model, then my story can help (coming up after the checklist).

Read on.


How to Become a Voice Over Artist (Why Having a “Sexy Voice” Doesn’t Work?)

“Oh my! You’ve got such a sexy voice!”

“Damn! Your voice is so cool man.”

“Why don’t you try making a career in voice overs?”

As an aspiring voice over artist, you have been hearing such encouraging words for quite some time now.

And so, you’ve decided to do something about it: You’ve made up your mind to become a voice over artist. But there’s a problem – you don’t know how to begin your journey of becoming a voice over artist.

That is why I created this step-by-step guide to help you.

But before we begin, I need you to answer this:

Do you think anybody with ten fingers can become a chess player? Or anyone who can hold a bat can become a cricketer?


How to Pass a Job Interview Successfully


pass a job interview successfully

No. There’s going to be no nuclear war if you fail at this interview.

The world will not come to an end if you don’t get this job.

I know you’re desperate. But no matter how hard you try, there can be no guarantees.