The World Respects Those Who Respect Themselves

You must be wondering…

Why I chose “The world respects those who respect themselves” as the title of this article?

Doesn’t it sound “Bollywoodish?”

You’re right; it does. And this article has quite a lot to do with Bollywood.

You see, Bollywood movies give an impression that “village” in North India means a village in Bihar or Eastern UP. The moment you hear the word “villager”, you think of a guy with a talisman around his neck, wearing a dhoti-kurta and speaking, “Arey o babua, tanik hiyan ta aava” or “Ka babu Ji, kaisan baat karat rahe?”

And what’ wrong with that?


Khadi Boli is an Indecent Language?

khadi boli is an indecent language?

The other day, I posted a link to my blog with a sentence in “Khadi Boli” on a YouTube channel that read:

“भाई, पर्सनैलटी डवलप करणी है के? तो टेम क्यूँ खो रा, आजा मेरी वेबसाइट पै…

People Assume Khadi Boli is an Indecent Language

Within minutes, I got a reply from the channel owner. He suggested If I wanted to promote my website, I should be using some decent language. He further added that using such indecent language will give a bad name to my personality and shall spoil the goodwill.

Why Khadi Boli Has Such Bad Reputation?