Thank You (for NOT Inviting Me to Your Party)


I threw that paper plate in the dustbin.

Let’s try this stall.


Okay, let’s take another chance.

What the fuck!?

That’s how I felt while struggling to find something worthy of eating—to comfort my growling stomach.


What’s in a Name? Nothing. Or May Be Everything!

“The moment you become embarrassed of who you are, you lose yourself. I changed my house, the way I dressed, the way I ate – for what? For nothing.” – Reuben Tishkoff in the movie ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’, 2007 (played by Elliott Gould)

I was in 10th standard when I first noticed an error in the spelling of my name.

All students were asked to check the spelling of their names and their father’s names before the school submitted the data to the CBSE. I noticed that the spelling of my name was ‘Avdesh Kumar’ instead of ‘Avdhesh Kumar’ in the form (notice the missing ‘h’ after the ‘d’) I didn’t think it was something to be worried about so I just ignored it.

It was when I received the mark sheet and the certificate that I realised my mistake. My school records were indicating an unintentional error in my TC (Transfer certificate) issued by my former school in Haridwar, Uttarakhand when I had passed the 4th standard. (That’s a long story, and I am in no mood to bore you, so let’s put that aside).


Watching too Much TV? What Are You Hiding?

I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set I go into the other room and read a book. ” – Groucho Marx

I am a fan of Hollywood movies. I don’t remember how many of them have I watched till date.

(The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Bourne Trilogy are some of my favourites).

In many Hollywood movies, I noticed a pattern. The moment the actor enters the house, he turns on the TV as if it was the most important thing to do. And the TV stays turned on during the entire shot – running in the background.

Are You Watching Too Much TV? Why?

The reason why TVs get switched on?   “Let see what’s new on TV.”

There’s nothing new, dude!

It’s the same old bullshit – corrupt politicians, below average performance by bureaucrats, and TV channels selling stupid stuff.

“This new revolutionary product can help you lose belly fat in just 30 days. No diet, no medicine, no exercise. Just drink 1 cup of this miracle drink every day, and the fat will melt away like butter (yeah, right). It’s so brilliant that most of the people don’t even believe us. If you want to lose fat while watching TV and munching on popcorn and sipping sodas, you have to have this product. Call XXXXXXXXXX right now. Hurry! this offer is for a limited period only.”

I thought only westerners watch too much TV. But then I noticed that Indian homes were no different – they were also catching up.

Majority of Indians watch TV as long as they are in their living rooms. I noticed many of my friends keep the TV on for hours and hours.

It pisses me off when people talk to somebody with their eyes fixed on the screen. Looking at a screen in the middle of a conversation with someone is insulting.

It happened once.

A friend invited me over for dinner.


Heat Stroke: Quick Tips to Beat the Heat

A Beautiful Green Tree in a Dense Forest

Summers are here.

And so is the heat, sweat, and itching, and the possibility of a heat stroke.

Ever imagined how cool it would be if you could stay indoors, sip lime water, and chill at home?

That would be nice, right?

But unfortunately, for most of us, that’s not possible.

You see, we are hardworking people – we need to go to work, meetings, seminars, conferences, and what not. After all, it’s a question of earning a  decent livelihood.

In simpler words – you need to be out there – in the Sun.

But here’s the challenge: