7 Tips for a Safe and Happy Car Journey

Fri May 20

You’re excited.

Your elder brother has agreed to lend you his car.

You along with 3 of your friends will be travelling day after tomorrow to visit your hometown.

Four friends on a long drive – Music – Enjoyment – Laughter. That sounds fun.

Travelling by car can be an enjoyable experience – if you take care of some necessary things. Here are 7 tips to have a safe and happy car journey.

1. Get Your Car Checked

Will you ever leave for college without checking if you have your books, mobile, laptop, and your lunchbox with you? I don’t think so. More ›

Paranormal Phenomena: Unexplained Mysteries

Sun Jul 3

Paranormal Phenomena: Spooky Cat Eyes Glowing in the Dark

That eerie shadow on the wall

A feeling that someone (maybe a ghost or a spirit) is watching you from that dark corner

Strange, scary sounds in the dark forest nearby.

“Oh, Come on dude! That’s just a bunch of wild animals having fun. Hey, there’s no such thing as spirits. All those scary ghost stories you read on the internet – that’s bullshit.”

That’s how some people sound while talking about paranormal phenomena or otherworldly experiences, but can discarding an unexplained mystery alter the truth?


I don’t give a damn if science disapproves of paranormal entities and experiences – science has its limitations. More ›

3 Tips to Avoid Getting Booked by Traffic Police

Sun Jul 24

No matter how hard you try to avoid getting booked by the traffic police, at one point in time or the other, you may get unlucky. Well, there is nothing wrong with it except that it eats up time, money and yes, also invites unwanted attention from fellow drivers. (OMG, did he jump a red light?)

Just keep in mind these three tips, and you shall enjoy a challan free ride.

1. Obey The Traffic Rules

(What the fuck? *[email protected]%!^)

I know it sounds too obvious but can’t help it. Obeying rules is the most important thing if you want to avoid getting booked by traffic police. More ›

Strong Teeth: Secrets for Healthy Gums & Teeth

Sat Sep 3

Strong teeth are a blessing, and you can keep your teeth and gums healthy with a little extra care. If you’re wondering how to make teeth stronger, this article is for you. Many home remedies can help you keep your teeth in good shape all year round. What are they? Let’s find out.

You can enjoy delicious foods as long as you have healthy teeth, but today’s fast-paced life and unhealthy food choices can prematurely weaken your teeth.

Here are some secrets (home remedies) that can keep your teeth in good shape. Most of the tips you are about to discover are simple and fundamental truths about oral hygiene. More ›

Be a Guest People Love to Welcome: 5 Tips

Sat Oct 15

Being a guest people love is not a difficult task, all you need is to be a little more courteous and respectful. Here are my top 5 tips that can help you be a guest people love to welcome time and again.

1. Carry a Gift

How do you feel unwrapping a gift?

Wonderful. Excited. Exhilarated. Right?

That’s precisely how your host feels when you carry a gift for him.

A gift is a symbol of love and care since eternity, and it’s a noble gesture to carry one while visiting someone.

The gift you choose can be an expensive one (a Swiss watch, maybe) or a simple one, like some fresh flowers, chocolates, and candies. More ›

Breakup: 7 Tips to Heal a Broken Heart

Mon Oct 31

tips to heal a broken heart

“शक तो था मोहब्बत में नुकसान होगा,
पर सारा हमारा ही होगा ये मालूम न था!”

Breakups can put an end to love stories. A breakup can be hard. And what’s even harder to accept can be the fact that your girlfriend dumped you.

You’ve always had this fear of losing her. And the thing you feared most came upon you. You two just broke up. You’re in tears.  And that heartache-is unbearable.

Your dreams shattered. You have no idea what to do.

I know a breakup hurts like a bitch. But you can heal your broken heart. How?

Here are eight tips to help you. More ›

Afraid of Losing Someone You Love?

Sun Nov 6

fear of losing someone you love

You’re in love.

She’s one in a million – gorgeous eyes, charming smile, and awesome curves.

Everything appears romantic and colourful when she holds your hands. She takes you to another world when she hugs you. You can feel your heart pounding with joy and excitement. You wish you the times stops so you could stay in her arms – forever.


You often find yourself saying to her, “I am afraid of losing you, my love.” And she smiles at you.

No matter how hard you try ignoring or suppressing the fear – the fact is that you are afraid of losing her. More ›

Hindi Poem on Winter Season: माँ चौके में

Sat Dec 24

“Hindi poem on winter season” – I know why you’re searching for a poem – most probably you need it for your kids’ school assignment. Well, I have one.

This Hindi poem was in my 1st standard textbook. And I liked it so much that I still remember it. So here it is – a beautiful poem on the winter season in Hindi.

“माँ चौके में चाय बनाती, सी सी करती जाती है, बहन ठिठुरती और सिकुड़ती स्वेटर बुनती जाती है।

सोनू कैसे जाये नहाने, दांत बज रहे कट-कट-कट, मोनू दादी की गोदी में छुपकर जा बैठा झटपट।।

कोट और स्वेटर पहने हूँ, फिर भी ठण्ड न जाती है, बाहर जाकर कैसे खेलूं वहां न कोई साथी है।

सर्दी आई-सर्दी आई, कांप उठे हैं नर-नारी, अच्छा हम भी चलें, करें अब चाय-पान की तैयारी।।”

I don’t remember who wrote this cutey, if you have any idea about the author of this poem, kindly let me know. More ›

Appreciating Love

Mon Jul 2

When I was little, probably 2-3 years old, there was an angel in my life. Although she was not my biological mother, I used to call her ‘ Ma’ (Indian word for mother).

We used to live in our hometown (our village) at that time. My mother had to go to work in the fields, and Ma, along with her daughters, used to take good care of me. And not only that, but she also fed me. I grew up on her milk.

I would like to share with you remembrance of a particular evening. By that time, I was a grown-up child of about 6-7 years of age. More ›

Keep it to the Point, Please!

Sat Jan 17

I had started my career as a radio jockey with All India Radio Fm Gold channel in 2003. My mentor, Mr Vijay Deepak Chhibber had once revealed a secret to me – Keep it to the point!

Keep it to the point? What does that mean to me as a radio jockey?

“You see, people are busier than they used to be 20 years ago. They have limited time to take care of both their personal and professional responsibilities. And it is natural to get stressed coping with this fast-moving lifestyle.”

“People tune in to Fm channels to refresh themselves with songs. More ›

Trust Quotes

Mon Jan 25

“When Somebody Abuses Your Trust for the First Time, it’s his Mistake but if the Same Person Abuses Your Trust Again, it’s Yours.” – Avdhesh Tondak

“The Best Way to Find out if You Can Trust Somebody is to Trust Them.” – Ernest Hemingway

“Trust is Possible only if You First Trust Yourself.” – Osho

“The Best Proof of Love is Trust.”

“Be Careful Who You Trust, If Someone Will Discuss others With You, They Will Certainly Discuss You With Others.”

“Never Lie to Someone Who Trusts You, Never Trust Someone Who Lies to You.”

“Stop Asking Me to Trust You While I am Still Coughing Up Water from the Last Time You Let Me Drown.”

“I Don’t Trust Easily, So When I Tell You I Trust, Please Don’t Make Me Regret it.”

“Trust in God, But Always Lock Your Car.”

“I Trusted You. More ›

Hindi Poem: वहीँ से खुलता है प्रभु मंदिर का द्वार

Tue Nov 1

“साँझ गहरा गयी है

चांदनी छिटक कर चहुँ ओर छा गयी है

विलम्ब न कर, चल शरण ले

जागकर, अपने हाथों में प्रभु के चरण ले

पथ है विकट

घना है वन

पग पग बिछे हैं कांटे

न घटेगी पीड़ा तेरी किसी के भी बांटे

मत हो भ्रमित

चल, वो संकरी राह ले

उस उपेक्षित सी अँधेरी गुफा की थाह ले

वहीँ है तेरा सिरजनहार

वहीँ से खुलता है प्रभु मंदिर का द्वार।”

-by Avdhesh Tondak

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Hindi Poem on Meera

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