Money Follows Trust. Focus on Trust, Not Money

Money. What is it? Is it just some coins and paper notes that you can carry around in your pocket to buy stuff? Or is it the digits in your bank account – the more numbers, the richer you are? And what does money mean to you as a young entrepreneur? Should you focus on earning as much money as you could – by hooks or by crooks?

What if, in business, money represents trust? If that’s true, then shouldn’t you do everything you could to earn people’s trust? Let’s find out.

It was 2011.

A guy approached me for a business opportunity.

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How to Become a Model: Career in Modelling

Ah! That burning desire to become a model.

It keeps you awake at nights, right?

And why wouldn’t it? After all, you have all the reasons to believe modelling is your life purpose. For instance:

Girls of your class give you compliments.

Your girlfriend says you look like a model.

Even your friends say, “Hey, why don’t you try making a career in modelling?”

And you start visualising hot girls, tons of cash, celebrity status, and a lavish lifestyle.

No so fast baby.

Before you hit the road, you need to know a) What does it mean to be a model and, b) If you’re up for that.

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9 Tips for Teachers to Make a Difference

Subharti University Meerut Main Entrance

Let’s admit it.

It’s hard to make a difference as a teacher.

There are many factors you don’t have control over, and despite your best intentions, things can go wrong.

Does that mean you can’t make a difference?

That’s not true.

You surely can.

And I know you’re up to the challenge.

Because for you, teaching is more than just earning your bread and butter. It’s an opportunity to share your wisdom and compassion with your students.

Stay with me, and I’ll show you exactly how I did it so that you can do it too. (Believe me, you have what it takes to make it happen).

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How to Become a Voice Over Artist

“Oh my! You’ve got such a sexy voice!”

“Damn! Your voice is so cool man.”

“Why don’t you try making a career in voice overs?”

As an aspiring voice over artist, you have been hearing such encouraging words for quite some time now.

And so, you’ve decided to do something about it: You’ve made up your mind to become a voice over artist. But there’s a problem – you don’t know how to begin your journey of becoming a voice over artist.

That is why I created this step-by-step guide to help you.

But before we begin, I need you to answer this:

Do you think anybody with ten fingers can become a chess player?

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Is Your Body a Dumping Ground?

Are you using your body as a dumping ground?

Didn’t get me?

OK. Just ask yourself:

How many times do you say ‘yes’ to chores you know will not fit well into your already choked schedule?

How many times do you handle ‘urgent’ pieces of work despite not feeling well?

How many times you take up extra assignments voluntarily so you may earn ‘a little more money?’

You Need a Career and Money

Yeah, I get it. You are a career-oriented person, and you need to work hard to move ahead in life. Perhaps you want to please your boss, or your co-workers or maybe your mother-in-law (Oh!

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