What Is Personality Development?

Sun Aug 14


What is personality development?

It’s a question many people interested in personality development ask and yet, only a few get lucky enough to find the right answer.

Personality development, also known as personal development is a word people use as per their convenience.

The (so-called) life-skills-training and personality development companies want you to believe that it is about different skills and how to sharpen them.

For example:

Analytical skills

Reasoning skills

Leadership skills

Communication skills, and so on.

And by communication skills, they mean how fluent you are in English. (As if the people who don’t speak English cannot be good communicators). More ›

8 Tips to Stay Positive During Tough Times

Tue Aug 30

Dog basking in the sun sitting on a wall

“You can only come to the morning through the shadows.” J.R.R. Tolkien

Tough times are just like night.

They disappear on their own if you hang on, but pressing on during hard times can be challenging.

That’s why I’ve compiled some tips to help you stay confident and secure. Let’s beat the shit out of difficult times and stay positive for good, shall we?

1. Stay Focused On What You ‘Do’ Want

Hard times are painful.

You go through a lot of mental and emotional turbulence, and you might also lose focus.

You start thinking about the things you don’t want instead of things you do want. More ›

What Goes Around Comes Around

Sat Nov 26

What goes around comes around.

It’s a fact one must realise early in life, especially when you’re still young because the habits formed in youth are generally permanent.

Be careful about the kind of habits you form and how you see the world.

Some people tend to take the world for granted.

They believe nothing wrong can happen to them even if they do loads of wrong to others.

But the truth is, what goes around, comes around. You get what you give. Whatsoever a man sow, that shall he also reap.

Unfortunately, nobody told me this truth when I was a kid. More ›

Selfishness is the Key to Success

Wed Nov 30

A Handsome Young Man Admiring His Reflection in a Water Stream

You’re a nice guy.

Your friends can borrow your bike anytime they wished.

You help your cousin complete his college assignment (even if you don’t get sleep that night).

Rahul’s weekly report was unfinished, and he had a date on that evening. Guess what, you stayed late to finish his work – so he could enjoy a romantic evening.

You’re always eager to help your classmates, friends and coworkers. And why shouldn’t you? After all, helping others is a good thing, right?

And guess what, you feel good about it.


Quite often.

You have this undercurrent of confusion and restlessness, you know. More ›

Beware of Shortcuts

Mon Dec 5

Some people believe in shortcuts.

They assume one can save time using a shortcut and can also avoid hard work.

Not only that, but they also believe the results they get through shortcuts are nearly perfect.

Are you also one such person?

It may appear that you are saving time by taking a shortcut, but in reality, it wastes more time and create more problems than it solves.

Shortcuts Rarely Produce Anything Worthwhile

Sistine Chapel ceiling painted by Michelangelo is a masterpiece. It took him years to complete it.

Legendary composer, Beethoven’s symphonies, are another classic example. After listening to his concert, a lady approached him and said, “The way you compose music is just unbelievable. More ›

The World Owes You Nothing

Wed Jan 18

“Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.” – Mark Twain

The other day, I got a question from one of my students – “Sir, I hate studies. What can I do about it?”

Well, you need to understand that the question is not as simple as it appears because it has something more profound to it.

You see, one studies to get skilled so that he can get his dream job. And you know you can become skilled only by studying.

But, when you don’t want to study, it shows you’re taking things for granted – your parents, college, the books, your classroom, teachers, your fellow students – almost everything. More ›

Create a Future Worth Looking Forward to

Mon Mar 26

What if death could turn evil people into good ones? Wouldn’t that be great?

Of course!

And that’s what’s happening. That’s what’s happened so far. We have stopped condemning the wrongs and misdoings of people because they are dead. (Oh, come on! The fellow is gone now. Why talk bad about him?)

We have been told time and again that it’s impolite. It’s uncivilised. It’s improper.

What about the people who snatched away your childhood?

What about that person who (no matter what) always made you feel inferior to others? (And you’ve had a hard time overcoming that)

What about that person who ruined your career? More ›

Take One Step at A Time

Mon Jun 18

For those of you who aren’t aware, apart from being personal development coach and voice actor, I am also a radio jockey. I am on the panel of All India Radio FM Gold channel, Delhi station. It broadcasts on 106.4 MHz. You might have listened to my shows on Sunday nights (Ravivaar Raat Gold)

In December 2003, when I was in training, I learned a valuable lesson from our trainer-a wonderful man with outstanding knowledge of broadcasting, Mr Vijay Deepak Chibber.

In one of the training sessions, he said “Usually, you get enough time to do homework for your show. More ›

Fear No Evil

Mon Aug 27

Good and evil have always been there since the dawn of humanity.

Wise people say that one should fear evil and always stick to good only. They say if you get too close to evil, you might get influenced by it. You might turn evil yourself. These words are correct, but there’s no need to fear evil.

Be Friends With Good (And Evil, too)

I advocate the need to fear no evil.

Yes, you need to be friends with good (positive people), but at the same time, you also need to face the facts squarely. If you always try to find refuge in good, chances are you’ll not be able to stand against evil when it comes into your life, you’ll fear it. More ›

Wisdom: Inspiring Quotes

Sat Dec 29

Quite often we need the inspiration to follow our dreams or to simply get wiser by reading something inspirational. Here are some inspiring quotes for you.

Personal development is having faith in yourself, even when you can’t find a reason for it.-Avdhesh Tondak

People who whine seldom shine.-Avdhesh Tondak

The moment you inquire, investigate or analyze the person you’re falling in love with,  the bond between her and you no longer remains faith, it turns into calculated risk and, mind you, ‘Calculated Risk’ is not “Faith.” – Avdhesh Tondak

Many people have gone further than they imagined because somebody else thought they could. More ›

No One is Coming to Rescue You

Thu Mar 5

There was a beautiful princess – lovely, charming, and enchanting.

A monster had imprisoned her – in an old, sky-touching castle.

She was hopeless. And sad.

Then one day, a handsome prince came to rescue her. He killed the monster and freed the princess. They fell in love, got married and lived happily ever after.

No One is Coming to Rescue You (Not All Fairy Tales Are True)

I bet you also must’ve heard similar fairy tales in your childhood.

There’s nothing wrong with fairy tales except that they make you believe in unreal things.

Then can make you assume that fairy tales are real – because the people narrated those stories were close to you – your grandparents, your parents or other people. More ›

Discontented? You’re on the Right Path

Wed Apr 1

Discontent - The path to success

You’re not aware of it, but the society has duped you.

There’s a conspiracy never to let you experience true happiness.

And it all started with condemning the very phenomenon that gives birth to contentment – we call it ‘discontent.’

If you can understand even a fraction of what it is, and how things work around it, you can change your life for good.

Why It’s Not Okay to Be Discontented?

Well, because the society doesn’t want you to start questioning the status-quo.

In fact, you’re expected to maintain it – that’s how the world functions. If you start questioning the relevance of status-quo, everything shall be disturbed. More ›

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