5 Quick Breakfast Recipes for College Students

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But there are days when we’re pressed for time to sit and eat a proper breakfast, especially college students. So, I thought why not share some quick breakfast recipes for college students that you could use when you need to rush.

I know you have lots to do as a student – Internals, externals, practicals, assignments, projects, communication skills, this and that, and what not. Your life is pretty hectic. But you see, nutrition is crucial when it comes to personality development.

So, here are my top five quick breakfast recipes that are as tasty as they’re simple.

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How to Increase Willpower

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Strong willpower separates winners from losers because it develops an assertive personality.

The question, however, is: How can you increase willpower? Well, the good news is that you already possess it and you can grow it with practice. How? We’ll come to that. But first, let’s understand what it is.

Most of us assume that fate chains us. People say that a man is not free to act.

By the way, are they wrong? Not quite.

A person who believes that there’s no higher power, will not seek it (because it does not exist for him). And you cannot find something that you don’t explore.

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How to Build Concentration With Tratak

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Tratak is an ancient Indian yogic method to build concentration.

Many people think it is some sort of meditation but that’s not true.

Tratak is simply a technique to build concentration.

And remember:

Concentration is not meditation.

You see, when you are concentrating, you are fixing your awareness on one particular point only. Remember the incident in ‘Mahabharat’ when Arjun said to Guru Dronacharaya that he could saw the eye of the bird and nothing else?

That’s concentration.

So, What’s Meditation Then?

Meditation means you are aware of whatever is happening to you, and around  – you are mindful of the fact that you are the watcher, not the doer.

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How to Polish Communication Skills

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How to polish communication skills is one of the most pressing questions for students and professionals alike.

And rightly so.

Better communication skills can get you a better job, a better career, and a better life.

But what does it mean to have polished, or ‘excellent’ communication skills?

Well, that means you’re able to express yourself with clarity. That’s it.

But there’s a misconception: most people believe that communication skills mean spoken English. That’s not entirely true. Working on your spoken English should be a part of polishing communication skills, but remember that’s only a part, not the whole thing.

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How to Focus On Studies: 11 Mistakes to Avoid

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Photo of a jogging track in a park in Dwarka, New Delhi, India

You’re trying really hard to focus on studies.

But nothing is happening.

And you’re wondering if there’s something wrong with you, right?

Well, let me tell you, there’s nothing, and I mean nothing is wrong with you.

All you have to do is to look at the focus in a new way, that’s it. And I am going to help you do that in this article.

Let’s get started.

The first thing to understand when you’re trying to focus on your studies is this:

Distractions are not your enemy. They are there actually to help you build focus. Anybody can stay focused when there’s peace and calm around.

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