Milk: 5 Ideas to Make Drinking Milk a Pleasure

Sun Nov 27

Disclaimer: This article is about milk. If you are vegan (like me) or lactose intolerant or hate drinking it, please discontinue. Please keep in mind that I’d written this article when I was made to believe that it was good for human health. You may read about me being (almost) vegan at the end of this article.

There are so many things a student is expected to do:


Complete college projects

Prepare for group discussions

Spend time with girlfriend

Stay updated regarding current affairs

And what not.

Completing so many tasks require mental and physical strength, and for that, you need nutritious food. More ›

Hindi Poem to Lift Your Spirits – विश्वास-दीप

Tue Dec 6



A poem can be a great way to give yourself a mental boost. Here’s a Hindi poem to lift your spirits.

“मन जब विचारों के तंग दायरे में कहीं खो जाये और कोई मार्ग न सूझता हो, तब, ह्रदय आंगन के किसी कोने में, एक नन्हा सा दीप जला लेना, जो अपने कोमल प्रकाश के कारण, सूरज तो नहीं कहलायेगा पर हाँ, यही होगा वो नन्हा सा दीप जो विश्वास दीप बनकर तुम्हारी मंजिलों के रास्तों को उजागर करने में सक्षम होगा।”

“शायद बेध पाए अपनी उन नन्ही किरणों से उस घनघोर अँधेरे को, जो तुम्हारा रास्ता रोक रहा है, और बहका रहा है तुम्हारे उस चित्त को, जो आगे बढ़ने से रोक रहा है तुम्हे।”

“घना हो सकता है ये अँधेरा सावन की उस काली घटा की तरह, जिसमे बरस रहा हो अंधकार एक मूसलाधार वर्षा की तरह, पर जलाना ही होगा तुम्हे एक नन्हा सा दिया, अपने मन के किसी कोने में।”

“हाँ, यही होगा वो विश्वास दीप जो जलेगा हमेशा तुम्हारे ह्रदय में एक प्रकाश पुंज बनकर और बिखेर देगा अपनी रौशनी को तुम्हारे रास्ते में, तब शायद एहसास होगा तुम्हें कि यही था वो नन्हा सा दिया जिसकी तलाश थी ज़िन्दगी को रौशनी के लिए।।”

For those who would like to read it in Roman

“Mann jab vicharo ke tang dayre mein kanhi kho jaye aur koi marg na sujhta ho, tab, hriday aangan ke kisi kone me, ek nanha sa deep jala lena , jo apne komal prakash ke karan suraj toh nahi kehlayega par haan, yahi hoga woh nanha sa deep jo vishwas deep banker tumhari manzilon ke rasto ko ujagar karne mein saksham hoga.”

“Shayad bedh paye apni un nanhi kirno se us ghanghor andhere ko jo tumhara rasta rok raha hai, aur behka raha hai tumhare us chitt ko, jo aage badhne se rok raha hai tumhe.”

“Ghana ho sakta hai ye andhera, sawaan ki us kaali ghata ki tarah, jisme baras raha ho andhkar ek musladhaar varsha ki tarah, par jalaana hi hoga tumhe ek nanha sa diya, apne man ke kisi kone mein.”

“Haan, yahi hoga woh vishwas deep jo jalega hamesha tumhare hriday mein ek prakash punj bankar aur bikher dega apni roshni ko tumhare raste mein, tab shayad ehsaas hoga tumhe, ki yahi tha who nanha sa diya jiski talash thi zindagi ko roshni ke liye.”

(This magnificent piece of creativity has been contributed by a bright girl Pooja Verma from IT Branch, B. More ›

Take Advice from Experts only (Ignore the Milkman)

Mon Dec 26

I was chatting with my friend when one of my nephews came. He had completed 12th and wanted to know what he should do. Continue studies or take up a job?

Since I had only a vague idea of current market trends and career opportunities, I advised him to consult a professional career counsellor in Delhi.

Money Spent on Expert Advice is Money Well Spent

I made him understand that the money spent on paying the fees of an expert would be a wise investment.

He agreed.

Months went by. And then one day I came to know that he had started working as a mechanic. More ›

5 Tips for Girls to Have Safe Travel

Wed Feb 22

Travelling alone can be a little worrisome for girls.

But you need not be if you stay alert. Here are some simple tips for girls to have a safe trip.

1. Carry a Mobile Phone

The mobile phone is a boon. You can always stay in touch with your family.

Get a personal mobile phone and carry it when travelling.

Update your family members if you are stuck in a traffic jam or anything that might threaten your safety and well-being.

Make sure the battery is charged, and you have enough balance to make and receive calls. I advise you to carry the charger along so you can charge your phone in case the need arises. More ›

Hindi Poem on Courage: चुनौती

Fri Dec 28

“त्वरा से बढे चलो,

हृदय है तुम्हारा निष्कपट, फिर क्यूँ है झिझक?

धूल भरा है मार्ग, शायद कांटे भी हों।

पथ ही जो ठहरा…बिना घाव पाए गुज़र जाओ जिससे वो राह कैसी?

परीक्षा है यही तो, यही है कसौटी।

शायद मार्ग में मिलें गिद्ध, और नोच डालें बोटी-बोटी।

फिर भी बढे चलो..


क्योंकि यही है आत्मरंजन

अग्नि से गुज़रकर ही स्वर्ण, कहलाता है कुंदन।।”

-by Avdhesh Tondak More ›

Hindi Poem on Persistence: चल चला चल

Sat Dec 29

Persistence is what you need when there’s darkness all around you. Things will get better if you could persist a little more. Here’s a Hindi poem on persistence to inspire you. Keep going even when you can’t find a reason, and remember – never give up. Only people who keep on persisting and keep moving can get ahead in life.

“माटी की इस देह का लेकर सहारा

संशय, उलझन, भ्रम-सब को कर किनारा

गर्व से अनजान पथ पर तू बढ़ा चल

पगले चल चला चल।।

जीवन बीता जा रहा है

सब कुछ रीता जा रहा है

पुरातन पात झर गए हैं

फूल टहनी से छिटककर गिर गए हैं

नित नवीन काव्य का सृजन कर-चला चल

पगले चल चला चल।।

साँझ गहराने को है

कालिमा छाने को है

झींगुर स्वर करने लगे हैं

पंछी कुछ डरने लगे हैं

पर तू न घबरा रात से – बस बढ़ा चल

चल चला चल

पगले चल चला चल।।”

-by Avdhesh Tondak More ›

How to Score Good Marks in CBSE Board Exams

Mon Jan 14

Girls Celebrating Board Results: You Can Score Good Marks in CBSE Board Exams

Are you afraid of March?

I was.

Because ‘March’ means the pressure to score good marks in CBSE board exams.

It does not matter if you aim to perform your best in 10th board exams or 12th board exams – the pressure remains the same.

You wonder how to concentrate on studies during exams despite the distractions.

Revision, revision, and more revision – but still, nothing seems to work.

It’s scary.

Well, here’s the consolation – you’re not alone feeling this way. Most of the students feel the same (even the bookworms with shiny golden spectacles) when board exams are around the corner. More ›

How to Improve Spoken English

Sun Sep 21

Spoken English

I was talking to him over the phone.

He sounded hopeless.



He was one of my past students from Subharti University, Meerut – cleared two rounds of a job interview with a reputed company but failed the last one.


Poor spoken English.

The HR person told him, “Everything is just fine, but you must focus on improving your spoken English.”

The student I am talking about was from a rural background, born in a farmer family in Western Uttar Pradesh.

He asked me, “Sir, my spoken English is weak. Is there any hope for me – will I be able to improve my spoken English, ever?”

Poor Spoken English Got Him Rejected

Getting rejected in a job interview because of poor spoken English skills? More ›

How to Improve Self Esteem

Fri Sep 26

Sunil is excited!

He’s found a magical potion that can help him improve self-esteem. This potion can boost self-confidence and raise self-worth like anything. Once taken, it can keep his self-esteem supercharged for five years.

This self-esteem booster syrup was not available in the open market.  Somehow, Sunil has managed to get it from one of the contacts of his friends. He’s paid quite a hefty amount for it.

He’s unscrewing the cork with shaking hands. Oh! The syrup smells awesome. Sunil gulped down the mixture in one go. Wow! It tasted delicious.

Hang on. What’s happening? OMG! Sunil’s self-esteem has started boosting, and he’s feeling motivated like anything. More ›

How to Focus on Studies for Long Hours

Fri Mar 17

Photo of a jogging track in a park in Dwarka, New Delhi, India

“Shut up! Let me focus on studies! Will you?”

Isn’t that how a student addresses his mind (more or less) – the monkey that keeps jumping from one thought to another?

Well, it’s justifiable.

Focusing on studies is the most important thing for a student. After all, his career and future depends on it, right?

But then, there are distractions … Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snapchat, Whatsapp, YouTube, internet and whatnot. And most of them make the mind wander.

So, the question is – what to do about the distractions?

And Who Says You’re Wrong?

I remember when I was a child, there were many things to distract me: Comic books, Gilli Danda, Kanchhe, Lattu, TV shows and stuff like that. More ›

How to Polish Communication Skills

Tue Apr 11

“How to Polish Communication Skills?” or “How to Improve Communication Skills?” is one of the most frequent questions students ask.

Strong communication skills play a significant role in achieving success in life, and therefore the question is quite natural.

Polished communication skills help students develop a better personality, and can also help them make a successful career.

For instance, you might have a secret wish to make a career in modelling. How about that? 😎

Now that we have talked a little about the importance of communication skills let’s discuss how to improve communication skills.

But before that let me clear the air a bit:

Many students assume “communication skills” means spoken English, and they use the terms “communication skills” and “spoken English” interchangeably. More ›

How to Build Concentration With Tratak

Wed Apr 26

‘How to build concentration’ is a million dollar question, right?

Most young people, especially the school children and the college-going are so hell-bent on improving their concentration that it’s scary.

Just the other day, a student asked me, “Can I build concentration with Trataka meditation like Vivekananda did?”

Of course, Tratak can increase your concentration power like crazy.

But wait, did I hear “Trataka Meditation?”

Hey Ram!  🙁

Is Tratak Some Sort of Meditation?

Tratak Meditation, Benefits of Tratak Meditation, Tratak Concentration Meditation.

Many people use these terms while referring to Tratak. But the truth is:

Tratak is NOT Meditation

I am disappointed, like really, really disappointed. More ›

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