The World Respects Those Who Respect Themselves

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You must be wondering…

Why I chose “The world respects those who respect themselves” as the title of this article?

Doesn’t it sound “Bollywoodish?”

You’re right, it does. And this article has quite a lot to do with Bollywood.

You see, Bollywood movies give an impression that “village” in North India means a village in Bihar or Eastern UP. The moment you hear the word “villager”, you think of a guy with a talisman around his neck, wearing a dhoti-kurta and speaking, “Arey o babua, tanik hiyan ta aava” or “Ka babu ji, kaisan baat karat rahe?”

And what’ wrong with that?

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How to Polish Communication Skills

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How to polish communication skills is one of the most pressing questions for students and professionals alike.

And rightly so.

Better communication skills can get you a better job, a better career, and a better life.

But what does it mean to have polished, or ‘excellent’ communication skills?

Well, that means you’re able to express yourself with clarity. That’s it.

But there’s a misconception: most people believe that communication skills mean spoken English. That’s not entirely true. Working on your spoken English should be a part of polishing communication skills, but remember that’s only a part, not the whole thing.

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