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What if death could turn evil people into good ones? Wouldn’t that be great?

Of course!

And that’s what’s happening. That’s what’s happened so far. We have stopped condemning the wrongs and misdoings of people because they are dead. (Oh, come on! The fellow is gone now. Why talk bad about him?)

We have been told time and again that it’s impolite. It’s uncivilised. It’s improper.

What about the people who snatched away your childhood?

What about that person who (no matter what) always made you feel inferior to others? (And you’ve had a hard time overcoming that)

What about that person who ruined your career? (You still think you could have done excellent in your field, had he not created obstacles in your path.)

The people have always told (forced) you, that you should not talk anything mean about the person who left this world – not even 5, 10 or 50 years later.

They say it does not matter what he did to you. It does not matter if he ruined your life. (If your life does not matter, then what does?) Since he is dead now, therefore, you shouldn’t be condemning or questioning him or his doings. That wouldn’t be fair. (As if what he did to you was fair)

This whole approach is a conspiracy to prepare you to bear all the misdoings, cruelty and suppression in the name of being respectful. If you can’t condemn what had happened in the past, how can you create a future worth looking forward to?

Also, the tendency of not condemning bad things gives you the liberty and freedom to do to others whatever you wish – you can cheat them; you can suppress them, you can exploit them.

And you have no fear, because you, yourself, have not been given a chance to condemn what people before you have done.

You don’t condemn anyone who is no more. Don’t be under the impression that you are doing this out of nobility. You are keeping mum, because you too, may have a secret desire to suppress, cheat and exploit others. And you know in your heart, that no matter what I do, one day I, too, will be dead like others. And nobody says anything wrong about dead people. So why worry?

Appreciating what is right and just, and condemning and questing what is wrong is the only way to live a dignified life, and creating a future that is bright, and worth looking forward to.

Are you up for that?

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