Fear No Evil

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Good and evil have always been there since the dawn of humanity.

Wise people say that one should fear evil and always stick to good only. They say if you get too close to evil, you might get influenced by it. You might turn evil yourself. These words are correct, but there’s no need to fear evil.

Be Friends With Good (And Evil, too)

I advocate the need to fear no evil.

Yes, you need to be friends with good (positive people), but at the same time, you also need to face the facts squarely. If you always try to find refuge in good, chances are you’ll not be able to stand against evil when it comes into your life, you’ll fear it.

So, what to do? Should you reject good and be friends with evil?


That is not what I mean. You need to (at least sometimes) get out there and experience it for yourself so that you fear no evil.

You must face it, understand it, be with it to get its taste. It’s a crucial strategy to overcome evil.

That way when you encounter it, you’ll not fear it.

You’ll stand tall, look into its eyes and say to it –“Hey, you. I am here. Show me what have you got.”

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