Increasing Population is the Problem, Not Pollution

Politicians are experts at lying.

They are so damn good at repeating specific lies that you start taking them seriously.

One such lie that has been repeated time and again by the politicians of India is that the gravest danger India face is pollution. And while propagating this lie, they have covered up the truth.

The truth that has always been there: The danger India facing is increasing population, not pollution.

Let me explain:

How many times you’ve seen politicians talk about the consequences of overpopulation?

Ever saw any political leader, of any political party, mentioning that India is one of the most populous countries of the world?

You can’t even recall, right?

And don’t think politicians are alone in this. No.

Bureaucrats, actors, religious leaders, NGO’s – they’re all together – busy selling you a white lie. They know the secret that if you repeat a lie thousand times, it becomes the truth.

So they have been drilling in your head that the problem is pollution – dangers of plastic waste, consequences of driving a vehicle, dry leaves, climate change and all that bullshit.

Every year, around Diwali the NGOs, the ‘eminent personalities’ (the same gang who advocated a pardon for a terrorist) – all of them shout on top of their voices that you must not burn firecrackers because crackers pollute the air.

And the traffic?

The traffic situation is so pathetic that you feel as if you’re drowning in a sea of vehicles.

So what does the government do?

It issues advisory that you should use public transport and practice car-pooling, but it never talks about why there are so many cars on the already congested roads?

It’s because of the increasing population.

And the population does not include only your countrymen; there are intruders as well.

Can you believe that there are five crore+ Bangladeshi intruders living among you the very moment you’re reading these words (not to mention the Rohingyas, Afghanis, Nigerians and many other foreign nationals living illegally)?

Has India become a Dharamshala?

It seems so.

Anybody, from anywhere, at any time, can visit and stay here if they did not have food, employment, or decent living conditions in their country of origin.

But what’s the harm in accommodating a few crore Bangladeshis on humanitarian grounds?

Humanitarian perspective?


You could have one if you had the resources. But do you?


(And even if you had why would you accommodate people who’re none of your responsibility).

The resources are limited and getting smaller by the day.

And by the way, could somebody please enlighten us why all this humanitarian bullshit applies to India only? Why don’t these Bangladeshis intruders go to other countries where their Big brothers live?

Is it because Hindus of India are guilt-ridden?

Is it because we have been brain-washed that it’s our moral obligation to accommodate anybody and everybody? Think about that.

Now, let’s talk about pollution.

Am I saying that pollution is non-existent? Does it not matter?

Pollution is dangerous, and it does matter.


It’s the symptom, not the disease.

Pollution is a sign that the population is increasing by the day. And if you’re sincere about minimising pollution, then it’s the population you must control.

Trying to curb pollution and not talking about the population is similar to wearing a strong perfume to mask the body odour, instead of taking a bath.

The increasing population of India has crossed the danger mark.

A ruthless policy to curb the growing numbers is already overdue.

It’s time.

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