Nirmal Baba a Thug? Who Will Decide?

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Nirmal Baba - An Indian Metaphysical Healer and Spiritual Guru

A self-proclaimed guru cum metaphysical healer was in the news recently.

Nirmal Baba.

A news channel raised various interesting questions about him –  “Who is Nirmal Baba?”, “Is Nirmal Baba a Fraud?”, “Is Nirmal Baba a Thug?”

In simplest terms, a fraud or a thug is a person who deceives people and robs them of their money or possessions by making false claims.

The channel said that this miracle guru earns almost one crore rupees from one Samagam.

A “Samagam” is a mass gathering where people ask him questions regarding employment, livelihood, marriage, foreign travel, etc. Nirmal Baba can see the cause of people’s misfortune with his third eye.

The fee for attending one Samagam is 2000/- per person. Anyone interested in participating in his Samagams is required to register in advance at

The Channel Further Questioned:

Why is Nirmal Baba charging money? Shouldn’t he be suggesting remedies to remove obstacles from people’s life paths for free?

The new channel also explained how this Baba was funny enough to be mistrusted (Godmen are supposed to be dead-serious, and the ‘left-leaning’ anchor didn’t seem to like the way Baba Ji advised the people).

They also aired bytes of a few people who take great pride in calling themselves saints, and those “Saints” declared that he’s a thug. The funny thing is that these people themselves were self-proclaimed people just like him.

Nirmal Baba Exposed? No, The Real Question Is:

Why are people attending his Samagams in the first place?

Let me explain.

People have vested interests.

Most of them visit him for either material gains or peace of mind. Such people seek his advice to get rid of blockages so they could prosper personally and professionally. And guess what? His opinion seems to work like a charm.

Now, the question is if people are benefiting from his advice (which is the case), then what is the issue? Why would a news channel or anyone else object if he’s offering some useful information?

Don’t you visit your doctor for checkups, seek advice about your health related issues and pay him a fee?

Yes, you do.

Everyone does.

And you don’t expect him to treat you for free. Right?

The Problem with the Indian Mind

The Indians are conditioned to take spiritual and metaphysical phenomena for granted. We seek spiritual and metaphysical healing to help us get more money, bigger cars, better career, more power, and good luck.

But we don’t want to pay for it. Isn’t that funny?

It’s true that helping people and serving them without charging a dime has been an age-old Indian tradition. But who’ll decide if Nirmal Baba, or for that matter, any other healer, should or shouldn’t charge?

And who has the right to pronounce if he is a genuine healer or just another thug?

Is Nirmal Baba a Thug? Who Will Decide?

A so-called news channel that sensationalises issues and runs paid news to gain higher TRPs?

And by the way, did you ever hear such channels expose the missionary who converted thousands of destitute Hindus in return for food, shelter, and medicine.


Instead, they address her as “Mother.”

Here’s a List of Frauds (As Declared by Such News Channels)

Yogrishi Baba Ramdev (Patanjali Ayurved)

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev (Isha Foundation)

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Art of Living)

What’s common among these three names? (Go figure).

But Wait! What About the Rational Thinkers? Can’t They Decide?

I know.

The “Rational Thinkers.”

The people who disregard supernatural powers and paranormal phenomena because they lack the intelligence to understand such concepts.

And they call people who have an understanding ‘Superstitious” as if they know what superstition is.

What Exactly is ‘Superstition?’

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma defined superstition beautifully. A promo of his movie ‘Phoonk’ (based on black magic), reads, “Everything is superstition until it happens to you.”

If someone sees spirits around his house, have experienced miracles, or understands that one shouldn’t indulge in bad karmas because they’ll ultimately come back to you, is superstitious. Right?

Anything that doesn’t fit with your belief system or the so-called scientific and rational way of life is superstition.

And what is that, when you, wearing a suit and tie – sitting in your office or a five-star hotel inform a friend about the promotion or salary hike and then quickly look for a piece of wood. So you could touch it with a grin, and say “touch wood?”

Isn’t that superstition?

No, it’s not, because you believe in that. Right?

Superstition means you believe in something you know nothing about

You have no right to typecast a person, phenomenon, or trend as superstition because you could not understand it.

Back to Nirmal Baba. The faces of people, who were calling him a thug, clearly showed they were nothing but jealous.

  • Jealous of the fact that in such a small period, an ordinary man rose above them, and became a guru overnight (and apparently, earning crores of rupees every year)
  • Furious at the fact that now they need an appointment to meet him (undoubtedly a blow to their egos).

Just like Nirmal Baba, these people also wanted to make lots of money. But since they lack the skills to attract huge crowds, they can’t do anything except complaining.

Now the more pressing question is:

  • Why don’t these people talk about hundreds of crores of public money looted in so many scams (in the name of development of India)? The so-called leaders shamelessly stole people’s hard earned money (including yours) and still, nothing significant is done to bring those responsible to justice.
  • Why don’t these people call those daylight robbers, thugs?

This metaphysical healer has all the right to charge for his advice as long as he doesn’t make a fool out of people.  The people, who are not as capable can keep massaging their egos by calling him a thug.

It seems that he is being projected as a thug because he’s charging money. Is Nirmal Baba a thug – will this question still be asked if he starts advising for free?

I doubt it.


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