Is Your Body a Dumping Ground?

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Are you using your body as a dumping ground?

Didn’t get me?

OK. Just ask yourself:

How many times do you say ‘yes’ to chores you know will not fit well into your already choked schedule?

How many times do you handle ‘urgent’ pieces of work despite not feeling well?

How many times you take up extra assignments voluntarily so you may earn ‘a little more money?’

You Need a Career and Money

Yeah, I get it. You are a career-oriented person, and you need to work hard to move ahead in life. Perhaps you want to please your boss, or your co-workers or maybe your mother-in-law (Oh! You know what, our son-in-law is so hard working) But for how long you can do that?

How long can you not realise that when your body needs rest, it requires ‘rest’ and not some colourful pills? Those pills might make you feel better now, but what would you do when that nasty headache come back after some years with serious implications?

There’s no denying the fact that earning money is vital to give your family a lovely home, good education, good food and enjoyable life, but are you enjoying life?

Are You Listening to Your Body?

Are you celebrating your body? Are you listening to what it has been saying to you for a while?

  • Do you rest when your body says it’s tired?
  • Do you eat when it says it’s hungry?
  • Do you eat what your body craves for or do you eat something else ‘recommended’ by some fitness guru?

In other words, do you listen to your body? Or do you treat it like a dumping yard where anything can be dumped, from pills to syrups to some magic drink to keep it going, to exploit it more and more?

Mind you, the body you’re in is not something you have earned. It’s a gift given to you by the universe, and you should think twice before abusing it.

Maybe you need to pause for a while and ask yourself, “Is my body a dumping ground?”

It’s time to learn to respect and listen to your body.

Or are you still in a mood to be like average folks who are competing with their neighbours to get ahead in life?

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