It Feels Good to Be a Slum-Dweller in Delhi

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You assume it must be quite painful to be a “slum-dweller.”

I can only laugh at your ignorance because I know only a lucky few can be slum-dwellers.

Wondering what made me say so?

There Are Many Reasons for a Slum-dweller to ‘Feel Good’

Ordinary people like you – salaried employees and self-employed professionals – you guys pay a lot of taxes on almost everything imaginable. All those taxes leave you with little money, and if you wish to save money to buy a home, you need to do a lot of saving. And most of the times your life get spent either saving money to buy a house or paying endless instalments of Home loans. Ahh…Poor creatures (sigh)!

I Have No Worries. Unlike You, I Am ‘Covered’

I need not worry about saving money to buy a home. I choose any vacant place – any place – and build a temporary structure on it. You may call it ‘Jhuggi’ if you like. Then I invite my friends and family members and relatives and acquaintances and voila! Within a few months, we create a slum.

You see, I need not worry about petty things like water, electricity, ration card, voter ID card, Aadhaar card and like. Everything will come to me in due course of time.

As They Say, Every Dog Has His Day

When elections approach, candidates from various political parties come to my doorsteps with their hands folded. They even gift me some cash, liquor and yes, sometimes butter chicken also to vote for them. And those ordinary things, you know- ration card, voter id card, Aadhaar card etc., for which ordinary people need to take at least two to three days off from work, they will come to me with ease.

You still don’t get it, do you? It all becomes possible because I don’t vote for the candidate who is right for my constituency. Instead, I vote for the candidate who can get all such things done for me.

You can’t even imagine how it feels to be a slum-dweller. It feels fantastic, especially when elections are around the corner.

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