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I had started my career as a radio jockey with All India Radio Fm Gold channel in 2003. My mentor, Mr Vijay Deepak Chhibber had once revealed a secret to me – Keep it to the point!

Keep it to the point? What does that mean to me as a radio jockey?

“You see, people are busier than they used to be 20 years ago. They have limited time to take care of both their personal and professional responsibilities. And it is natural to get stressed coping with this fast-moving lifestyle.”

“People tune in to Fm channels to refresh themselves with songs. They don’t want the RJs to bore them with some nonsense talk. If you wish to be a popular radio jockey, keep your talk short and sweet. The essence of broadcasting is that people listen to the radio for songs and not the Radio Jockey. And that’s the reason you need to keep it to the point.”

I never forgot his golden words and made quite some fans for myself. Nowadays, whenever I tune in to FM stations (rarely) I notice many RJs speak way too much. Maybe they think people want to listen to them.

People Will Listen to You, If…

If you make a point and shut up. They get irritated when you keep hammering with your talk. This is not just true about radio; it’s true about many other things.

Preparing a speech for your college’s annual function? Keep it short and sweet.

Preparing for a meeting in your office? How about writing down the points you want to discuss?

Need to sell something on the radio? How about making a shorter advertisement?

Can You Not See it From the Perspective of a ‘Regular Guy’ Like Me?

You see, I already have so many things to deal with – I need to answer numerous phone calls every day (both spam and relevant). I need to reply back to business and personal texts. I also need to sort out my emails and reply to them. I need to pick my kids from school. I need to visit the grocery store to buy supplies and so on. You get the point, right?

So please, whoever you are, whatever you’re trying to sell to me or whatever you’re trying to make me understand, please keep your conversation to the point. Simply because I am least interested in you or whatever you have to say.

Why it’s Important to Keep it to the Point

Some days ago, I attended an obituary. Around 400-500 people gathered. The priest started with ‘Gayatri Mantra’ and asked all of us to chant it along with him. We did.

Then he started talking about karmas, the purpose of life, and things like that. Everybody listened attentively. He continued his speech. After some time, people started getting restless. But he didn’t stop.

After some more time, the restlessness among the people grew stronger. But, still, he didn’t stop talking.

Some more time passed, and now, the words that were sounding divine earlier started sounding like non-sensical. By the time he decided to put an end to his speech, people were dead bored.

Many times, people with an opportunity to speak, forget, that in order to make the talk effective, they need to keep it to the point.

If you talk more than required, you’ll be taken for a bore. I hope you don’t want to be taken as one.

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