Khadi Boli Shabdkosh: Words from the Rich Dialect of Western UP

Khadi Boli, also known as Khari Boli and Kauravi, is the local dialect spoken mainly in the Western parts of Uttar Pradesh, some parts of Uttarakhand and also in some parts of Haryana.

In Western UP, it’s spread across Laxmi Nagar (some people call it muzaffarnagar), Bijnor, Shamli, Saharanpur, Baghpat, Meerut, Ghaziabad, Gautam Buddh Nagar (Noida), Hapur, Bulandshahar and surrounding areas.

I was born in a Parmar Rajput family in the village ‘Yahiyapur’ in Laxmi Nagar, Western UP, and my mother tongue is Khadi Bolli. Yes, the authentic pronunciation is Khadi Bolli (खड़ी बोल्ली) and not Khadi Boli but to keep things simple, I shall address it as Khadi Boli only.

I’d given PD (Personality Development) classes at Subharti University, Meerut in March 2010. And I noticed that many students were ashamed of their language (Khadi Boli) because some ‘so-called-civilized- people’ are of the opinion that they sound uncivilized and arrogant.

The truth is, you can progress in life only if you take pride in your own language first. And what does it matter if your language sounds arrogant to some ‘over-sensitive’ ears? You can never be complete unless you accept and own your language before you embrace any foreign language.

Shri Bhartendu Harishchandra had stated it so succinctly.

निज भाषा उन्नति अहै, सब भाषा को मूल
बिन निज भाषा ज्ञान के मिटे न हिय को शूल

(The progress of one’s own language is the key to all progress. Without the proper knowledge of one’s mother tongue, one cannot feel expressed)

I Take Great Pride in My Language, Khadi Boli

If you can’t respect your own language – the language that you have inherited from your forefathers, then it’s no use learning any other language. It’s not a question of sounding civilized and ‘padha-likha’ (educated), but rather a question of honouring the very blood running through your veins.

Now, don’t even think of learning Khadi Boli by watching movies, especially ‘Omkara’ – the movie by Mr Vishal Bhardwaj, who claimed that the language used in the movie was Khadi Boli, otherwise you’ll end up learning some imaginary language, which is anything but Khadi Boli.

I was sick and tired of ignorant and misinformed people terming some imaginary language as Khadi Boli. I tried finding some authentic documentation about the same on the internet but…nothing.

Can you believe that Khadi Boli dialect which has given birth to today’s modern or standard Hindi is so goddamn ‘unknown’ that people can’t recognize it from other languages?

As I see it,  it’s a sign of low self-esteem of native speakers of Khadi Boli. And the way some of us try to hide the fact that we’re the native speakers of one of the richest languages in the world is shameful (at least to me).

Why I Started “Khadi Boli Shabdkosh?”

What do you do when the story you want to read is not yet written? You write it yourself. Right? That’s what I did.

There’s no Khadi Boli dictionary available on the internet, not that I know of.

I started an article which was a random collection of different words used in day to day Khadi Boli. I made the collection and segregated it into 3 separate parts, namely ‘Learn Khadi Boli: The Rich Local Dialect of Western UP-1, 2, and 3.’ Later I removed the word ‘Local’ because it’s kind of obvious that a dialect is local in itself. (This very article you’re reading was the first article titled ‘Learn Khadi Boli: The Rich Dialect of Western UP – 1.’) Later I segregated all the alphabets along with corresponding words.

That’s how this Khadi Boli Shabdkosh was born.

I feel I owe it to my ancestors to let the world know what is Khadi Boli and how it sounds (whenever and wherever possible).

Khadi Boli Shabdkosh is the first and the only collection in the public domain that documents the Khadi Boli words used on a daily basis (you’re welcome). I’ll keep on adding more words to this reference resource.

Anyways, Khadi Boli is a fun language to learn. So just enjoy the journey, and whenever you need a reference, come back again.

Here is the list of all the articles of Khadi Boli Shabdkosh. Click on the alphabets to go directly to the corresponding page. I’ve tried to include the meaning of Khadi Boli words in Hindi and English wherever possible.

आ उ  ऐ ओ औ क ख ग घ च छ ज झ ट ठ  त थ द  न प फ  भ  य र  व श ष स 

And here is the list of all the articles on related to Khadi Boli.

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