Khadi Boli: Dialect of Western UP – 32 (भ)

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भंडारा (Bhandara) – A food feast open for all, The room where dishes and sweets are kept during a marriage (kind of a stockhouse)

भन्ड-खराब्बा (Bhand kharabba) – Dirty, shabby place

भन्नास ठाणा (Bhannas thana) – To ruin something

भसरा (Bhasra) – Derogatory term used for face

भरोट्ट। (Bharotta) – A bunch of grass/fodder
भकाणा (Bhakana) – To make fool

भबका (Bhabka) – Hot and Humid

भबकारे (Bhabkare) – Strong foul smell

भांड (Bhaand) – Drama artists

भांडणा (Bhandna) – To deface

भित्तर (Bhittar) – Inside

भींत (Bheent) – Wall

भुस (Bhus) – Hay

भुंडा (Bhunda) – Nasty, Ugly

भूत तारना (Bhoot taarna) – To give someone a nice beating

भूड़ (Bhood) – Sandy area

भोट (Bhot) – Dumb person

भेणा (Bhena) – भिगोना, किसी वस्तु पर जल डालना | To moist something, To pour water over something

भै-भै करणा (Bhen-bhen karna) – रोना | Crying

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