Khadi Boli: Dialect of Western UP – 35 (र)

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रडका (Radka) – Broom, Broom made with Mustard plant twigs, usually handmade

रंडी (Randi) – Prostitute

रांड़ (Raand) – Widow, Wicked woman

राम राम, राम राम जी, राम ही राम, जै राम जी की (Ram ram, Ram ram ji, Ram hi ram, Jai Ram ji ki) – The most common greeting in western Uttar Pradesh

रज्हाना (Rajhana) – To boil

  • यो शब्द नूं बोल्ला जा:

रक्कात (Raqqaat) – Useless thing or person

  • यो शब्द नूं बोल्ला जा:

रसगुल्ले (Rasgulle) – A term used for Gulabjamuns (an Indian sweet)

रायता (Rayta) – A beverage made of curd, vegetables like potatoes, carrots and spices and herbs like coriander

रांघड़ (Ranghad) – Dirty person

रांठे मारना (Raanthey maarna) – The act of removing weeds from sugarcane fields with the help of shovels

रोट्टी (Rotti) – Indian bread made with whole wheat flour

रोट्टियों का बख़त (Rottiyon ka bakhat) – Lunch time, Dinner time

राच (Raach) – A wicked person, Tools

वाक्य मैं परयोग:

“नुई ना मानिए इसे, भोत राच है साला यो।”

रिताणा (Ritana) – To empty something

रिप्टन (Riptan) – Prone to slip

रपटना (Rapatna) – To slip

रपट (Rapat) – Report

रंधीण (Randheen) – Cooked dish

  • यो शब्द नूं बोल्ला जा:

रुल्हा (Rulha) – Stupid

रुड़कणा (Rudakna) – To roll

रुक्के देना (Rukke dena) – To shout at/scold someone

रुक्का तारना (Rukka tarna) – To make loud noise

रुक्का-रोळआ (Rukka rola) – Noise, Chaos, Hustle bustle

  • यो शब्द नूं बोल्ला जा:

रोटमान्नी (Rotmanni) – बेईमानी (साधारणतः किसी खेल में) | Cheating (usually in a game)

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