Khadi Boli: The Rich Dialect of Western UP – 41 (ह)

हलवा (Halva) – a Sweet dish made with semolina flour, clarified butter, and sugar, A gay person

हळवा (Halva) – Light in weight, strength, etc.

हांड्डी  (Haandi), हंडिया (Handiya)  – An earthen pot for cooking food


हवा-बाळ (Hawa-Baal) – Breeze

हड़फुटणी (Hadphutni) – Bodyache, especially in the bones

हाल्ळण (Haallan) – Earthquake

हारा (Haara)

हंडोरा (Handora) – A person addicted to travelling and wandering

हांग्गा (Hangga) – Strength

  • यो शब्द नूं बोल्ला जा:

हराम (Haraam) – Nasty/Ill-natured person

हिल्लत (Hillat)

हिल्वाई (Hilwai) – Sweet seller

हित्या (Hittya) – Oppression

  • यो शब्द नूं बोल्ला जा:

हिरस (Hiras) – To Compete

  • यो शब्द नूं बोल्ला जा:

हंसी-चोल (Hansi-chol) – Fun and frolic

हुन्गारा (Hungara) – To nod

हलुमान जी (Halumaan Ji) – Lord Hanuman Ji

हेरवा (Herva) – Attachment

हेठा (Hettha) – Stubborn

हेल (Hel) – Cow’s or buffalo’s dung

हैरो (Harrow) – A massive tool with a sharp wheel like parts made of solid iron to destroy residuals of previous crops

  • यो शब्द नूं बोल्ला जा:

हूस (Hoos) – A giant-like person with no or little intelligence

Khadi Boli: The Rich Dialect of Western UP - 40 (स)

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