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Just the other day I noticed a lizard hanging on the front wall of my house. A closer look revealed she was not moving at all. I guessed she must have been clinging to the wall afraid of losing the grip. Maybe she thought that the wall was her only hope. She couldn’t let go out of fear, and there she was – dead!

We’re Also Just Like that ‘Poor’ Lizard

That poor thing reminded me that most of us are just like her-afraid. Not willing to let go. Clinging to some false hope. Unwilling to embrace change.

Just think about it-Is there an area or some areas in your life where you might be clinging to false hopes?

Maybe you’re clinging to a job that sucks. Maybe you’re not moving on past a dysfunctional relationship that is no longer feeling you loved and wanted. Maybe you’re trying to get back in shape relying on some fad diet-A diet that appeared quite promising in the beginning but lost its charm after just a few days.

How do I know? Well, because I have been there, just like you.

For How Long Should You ‘Hang On?’

Things are in a sorry state, but you are still hanging on hoping it might work out if you gave it a little more time.

What if you were wrong?

How do you decide if you should hang on or move on?

Well, the answer lies within you. It is about how you feel about a particular situation. You may call it gut feeling, sixth sense, intuition or whatever. (I shall address it as the gut feeling)

This ‘gut feeling’ is right most of the times.

Let’s say you have a feeling about something- an area in your life that’s not working as it should. Maybe it has not worked at all from the very beginning. You knew it, but you have been fearful of letting go because you’re afraid of hurting someone’s feelings. If that is the case, then be encouraged to trust your gut feeling and act accordingly.

Maybe the other person is just as fearful as you are. Maybe she also wants to move on but, at present, is unable to find the courage to communicate the truth to you.

Let Go

If your gut feeling tells you to give it a little more time then so be it, but if it is urging you to let go, then don’t even think twice. Just let go of that ‘wall.’

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