Meditation is Not for Everyone

Well, I hate to break it to you, but meditation is not for everyone.

I am aware of the misconception that it is easy and everybody should meditate to kill stress and experience peace of mind. Guess what, that’s a lie. You should get serious about meditation only if you know what you’re doing.

In this article, I am revealing secrets about meditation the ‘experts’ don’t want you to know because they want you to believe meditation work for everyone. Read and decide if you’re going to venture into the unknown and highly dangerous path of spirituality.

Sunglasses are useful.

They can help you see the world with clarity when the lenses are sparkling clean.

But the same pair of glasses blocks your vision if there are any foreign particles on the lenses – it appears as if something is wrong with the world – why the heck it is so dirty and flimsy? Why the people around me look ugly?

Tell me what you would do in such a situation?

Would you start wiping people’s faces?

Or would you clean the lenses?

You know the answer.

You see, your mind is also like a pair of eyeglasses – it lets you enjoy the companionship of your family members, friends, relatives, and the people in general.

But once the dust of repressed emotions accumulates over it, things go south. Now, you start thinking that there’s something wrong with the world, while in reality, you are (unconsciously)  projecting your unexpressed emotions on the people – and that creates frustration and agony.

That’s what happened to me.

I won’t say I was solely responsible for collecting filth of negative emotions – rage, anger, frustration, depression, and fear because some other factors were also at play.

Let me give you a little background to help you understand the context:

I was born in a middle-class family with somewhat limited resources, which went on decreasing with time. Circumstances and people were unfavourable. Things were horrible since my childhood till I touched adolescence and even young age.

To cut the story short – I was fucked.

During my journey of misery and suffering of about 20 years, my mind got affected negatively. It did not get the attention and love it deserved. My body too was in bad shape – I was skinny, frail and prone to general illnesses.

The pressure on my mind was so overwhelming that I went into depression. I contacted a physician, and he explained it could happen to anybody living in an unfriendly, uncaring atmosphere. Well, I was a perfect fit.

I rarely had an opportunity to express my feelings and emotions, and could not speak to any friend or confidante about the pain and suffering.

Talking to my parents was not possible either because they were in bad shape, and I did not want to add to their already unbearable burden by telling them about my agony.

So, I didn’t speak.

And that cost me.

What happens when you do not let a pressure cooker blow a whistle?

The steam and pressure inside keep rising – until it explodes and kills itself.

It could have happened to me. I was almost on the verge of ending my life, but then things changed.

The Universe introduced me to ‘Meditation.’

It was not that I wasn’t aware of it, but I had never taken it sincerely before. But now, it was the question of life and death. I had to do something, and so I started experimenting with intensive meditation techniques.

Things started improving.

The truth is that I am alive because of meditation.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that everyone should try it.

Can Anyone Meditate?

Yes, anybody can meditate. But the question is – should you?

What if meditation is not for you? What then?

I know there are ‘experts’ and meditation ‘gurus’ who claim that it is the perfect remedy for all your mental challenges-stress, depression, anxiety, lack of sense of direction, etc. They say it is the way to go – meditate for 10 minutes in the morning before leaving for the day, and you are all set.

Well, the bad news is: (Actually there are two).

Meditation is not easy.


It is not a quick fix.

So, If you are planning to venture into the dark corners of your mind by meditating, then you must be ready to face whatever comes your way.

Let me warn you – mediation is the process of opening a can full of worms, and you must not go exploring deeper layers unless you are ready to face the filth and the devils residing in there.

Am I not saying something that goes against the widespread belief that if you want to stay happy and calm, you should meditate daily for 10 to 20 minutes?

Yes, that’s what I am doing.

Let me explain.

Your Mind is Like a Storeroom

Generally, there are three types of rooms in a typical household – a drawing (living) room, bedroom, and others.

Ever noticed the difference between your bedroom and drawing room?

You keep the drawing room in good shape. The sofas should be clean, and the table should sparkle, the curtains must be free of dust, the marble floor should stay neat and tidy.


Because this is the room for guests, and you want to make a reasonably fair impression on the people visiting you.

On the other hand, guests rarely enter the bedroom so it can stay a little shabby, and what the hell, even a little dirt on the floor won’t hurt, right?

And then there’s one more room – neglected, unloved, and rarely taken care of.

We call it the storeroom.

A storeroom is a perfect place where you could hide things that you don’t want others to see. It stays full of junk and discarded items (usually broken) all year round except the festive season – Deepawali.

When Deepawali is around the corner, you clean the storeroom thoroughly.

Can you recall the uninviting sight it presents, and how hard it is to breathe when you enter through that door?

You feel like puking. Your head starts spinning, and you wonder where you should start.

Well, guess what, your mind is also like a storeroom. Whatever you did not want others (or yourself) to see, you throw it in there – in the dark.

You want people to see your smile, so that’s what you show them.

And the sadness, the depression, the frustration, the tears – what about them?

Well, since you don’t want people to see your ugly side, you can always dump them in the storeroom of your mind because it’s readily available.

So, all your repressed emotions and feelings are there – waiting for you to acknowledge and release them –  for years, or maybe lives.

Don’t fall into the trap of the so-called ‘Yoga Teachers’ who advises that everybody should meditate. Such morons know nothing about the human mind and how things work in there.

Can You Breathe for 10 Minutes and Go About Your Day?

I would be crazy if I asked you to breathe for only 10 minutes a day, right? I mean, can you breathe for a couple of minutes every morning and then forget about it?

No. You need to keep breathing 24 hours days, even when you’re asleep.

And that’s the loophole in the ‘expert theory’ that meditating for 10 minutes a day is sufficient. No. It’s not.

Meditation is not an act that you can ‘do’ but instead it’s a state of being.

So, let me repeat:

Meditation is Not for Everyone

You will have to pass through hell before you can get even a glimpse of heaven.

Only courageous (and a little crazy) people willing to put everything at risk should consider going into deep meditation.

If you’re not one such person, don’t bother.

Because once you’re in, there’s no turning back.

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