Milk: 5 Ideas to Make Drinking Milk a Pleasure

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Disclaimer: This article is about milk. If you are vegan (like me) or lactose intolerant or hate drinking it, please discontinue. Please keep in mind that I’d written this article when I was made to believe that it was good for human health. You may read about me being (almost) vegan at the end of this article.

There are so many things a student is expected to do:


Complete college projects

Prepare for group discussions

Spend time with girlfriend

Stay updated regarding current affairs

And what not.

Completing so many tasks require mental and physical strength, and for that, you need nutritious food.

When it comes to nutrition, milk is the king. It is a rich source of vitamins and minerals to help you develop healthy bones and teeth.

But here’s an issue.

You don’t like it. You feel like puking the moment you see a glass full of milk, right?

Well, I am going to share some practical ideas that can make milk tastier.

1. Add a Nutritional Supplement

There are many good quality nutritional supplements available on the market. They come in many flavours – chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch and more. (I recently discovered Sri Sri Ayurveda’s ‘Ojasvita’. It is pretty good.)

Add 1-2 teaspoons to your glass of milk, give it a good stir, and there you go.

2. Eat Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

Amla is a rich source of vitamin C. It helps build immunity against common colds and cough and increases your sense of general well being.

Apart from the health benefits, it can also enhance the taste of milk. If you can spare some time, try preparing Amla murabba at home.

Don’t have time?

You can get it readymade from a supermarket.

3. Try Chyawanprash

Chyawanprash is an ayurvedic rejuvenating formula prepared with beneficial herbs, and it can enhance the taste of milk.

4. Jaggery Can Make Drinking Milk Fun

Jaggery is commonly known as “Gud.”

It is solid cake-like stuff made from sugarcane juice. Also known as ‘Kaccha Meetha’ or ‘Mithai’ in rural areas.

The benefits of Jaggery are numerous:

It gives loads of energy and cleanses the throat as well, and unlike sugar, it does not harm your body.

Here’s how to add it to milk:

Boil 1-2 glasses of milk. Take the pan off the stove. Put a piece of jaggery (around 50 grams) in the pan; leave it for about 10 minutes, and then give it a good stir. You’ll find the milk so delicious you won’t feel like stopping.

Caution: Don’t put jaggery in the pan while the milk is still boiling as it can spoil it.

5. Try a Different Brand

Every milk brand in the market does taste slightly different. There could be many reasons for it:

The processes the company uses

The particular geographical areas the company buys milk from (Yes, even two farmers in a village do not give their cows the same feed, and it can lead to a subtle difference in the taste).

Don’t like a particular brand? Switch to another, and you may surprise yourself.

Since you have come so far with me, here is a BONUS for you:

Many students live in a hostel and need something quick to prepare that is filling yet nutritious. Here are two quick and tasty recipes.

Recipe 1: Lightly Fried Mix

You’ll need:
3-4 bread slices
250 ml milk
50 grams Boora (crushed sugar)

Heat a pan, sprinkle one spoonful of ghee (clarified butter). Soak bread slices in milk and fry them until they get light brown.

Now put the slices on a plate and add little Boora (crushed sugar) on the top. Enjoy the slices with a glass full of milk.

Recipe 2: Desi mix

You’ll need:
3-4 bread slices
500 ml milk
Sugar (as per taste)

Toast the bread slices on medium flame. Break them into pieces in a bowl. Add milk and a little desi ghee (clarified butter).

Let it stay for 4-5 minutes, add some dried fruits like raisins, almonds, and enjoy.


Updates About Me Being (Almost) Vegan:

Update: (24/05/2018)

It’s been tough as hell trying to build muscles on a vegan diet, and so I guess this is it. I am going back to my previous lifestyle. I am no longer a vegan.

Does that make me inhuman or cruel?

So be it.

Update: (14/04/2018)

Hell yes, it’s tough being a strict vegan. I am yet to locate vegan versions of ice-creams and chocolates. So, now, I am almost vegan. Just started getting lean for the summer and could not find any tastier and more convenient alternative to whey – one of my favourite proteins – double rich chocolate flavour is what I crave.

So, yeah…no animal products except for the occasional ones containing milk, and whey protein powder.

Update: (05/01/2018)

It’s been quite some months since I turned vegan. Now, if my friends or relatives offer me tea, I accept it. I feel it’s more important to be vegan than to be “obsessed with being vegan.”

Update: (19/08/2017)

No animal products for me anymore. I am going vegan today: No milk, no eggs, no meat, not even honey. I shall eat only whole food plant-based diet. Yay! I am a Vegan!

Update: (18/08/2017)

“Ah well, I have a confession to make – my information about milk was incorrect.

I believed all these years that it was nutritious and “healthy.” Not only healthy but rather “essential” for survival.

But, it turns out that this ‘complete food’ is unfit for human consumption. It is one of the most dangerous drinks one can consume.

No, I don’t believe it, I know it from my own experience.

I stopped consuming milk and all other dairy products in July 2017, and my health improved dramatically.”

Simply put, it is ‘blood and pus’ in liquid form.

And it does not make your bones or teeth stronger. It weakens your bones by pulling calcium out of them and releasing it through urine.

It is the cause of Type-1 and Type-2 diabetes, cancer, and stagnated growth in humans, especially young children.

Want to know more about the dangers of milk? Search for the documentary “Got the facts on milk?“, and “What the health.” If you still wish to drink it, do that at your own risk.

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