Money Follows Trust. Focus on Trust, Not Money

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Money. What is it? Is it just some coins and paper notes that you can carry around in your pocket to buy stuff? Or is it the digits in your bank account – the more numbers, the richer you are? And what does money mean to you as a young entrepreneur? Should you focus on earning as much money as you could – by hooks or by crooks?

What if, in business, money represents trust? If that’s true, then shouldn’t you do everything you could to earn people’s trust? Let’s find out.

It was 2011.

A guy approached me for a business opportunity. We met at a five-star hotel in Delhi.

He presented me a business plan (sort of multi-level marketing), which was being joined by many high profile people (or so he claimed) like actors, models, and people with influential backgrounds.

“Why should I join this?” I asked.

“See,” he replied, “You can earn lots of money by joining this business. Only sky is the limit.”

“And what is it that you are selling?”

He introduced various products and services to enhance people’s lifestyle, health and prosperity consciousness. Then he showed me some fancy looking bio-disc kind of thing, which, if used regularly, could boost body’s immunity like anything. (I doubted that)

I asked him if he has something useful – something that is genuinely worth recommending to my people (readers of my blog).


He tried to persuade me to join the business by focusing on the money part. (And how quickly it can make me rich and financially free.) I didn’t get carried away.

Another Real Life Example

One personal development coach approached me. He sells self-created products on the Internet.

I was offered to become an affiliate and advertise his products on my website. And earn money as commission.

I demanded a copy of the products for review, so I can see if it’s something worth recommending to my people. I never got one.

Money is Not a Substitute for Trust

Money alone cannot (and should not) be the factor to join a business or advertise products that you don’t know anything about.

Trust is the most valuable thing in business

And still, most young entrepreneurs forget this important rule and start focusing solely on money.

People Buy from You Because they Trust You

And they trust you because you add value to their lives. The moment you start taking their trust for granted, they disappear.

Money is a part of business, not business itself. If you are serious about earning money, stop focusing on money. Instead, start focusing on trust.

Remember – Money follows trust.


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