Stop Calling Others Corrupt, Corruption Starts With You

Is it time you stopped calling others corrupt?

Wondering what makes me say so? Here’s the story:

A relative of mine was narrating how he managed to play loud music till midnight in his daughter’s marriage despite the ongoing board exams in Delhi.

I was disgusted listening to his pep talk. If playing loudspeakers after 10 pm is not allowed, then how did he manage to play loud music until midnight? By offering some bribe to the authorities? (Apparently, the SHO of the area was his acquaintance who made that possible)

And that same person keeps on complaining about the corruption in the country. His favourite line is “God knows what will happen to India.”

You call other corrupt while you are indulging in corrupt practices yourself. Bravo!

Had it been your children wanting to focus on studies, you would have cursed the whole system. Why?  Because it’s your children’s right to prepare peacefully for board exams, but what about others’ children?  Don’t they have any reason to study calmly?

Shouldn’t you have stopped the music at 10 pm and thus showing some respect for the rule?

You enjoy breaking the rules, and at the same time curse political leaders for corruption.

My cousin had once asked me “If the current ruling party is so into corruption then how come they come to power again and again?”

How Come Corrupt People Come to Power?

The majority of the people who vote come from the underprivileged section of the society – JJ colonies, slums, BPL families, rickshaw-pullers, daily wagers and like.  They get liquor, money, and biryani on the eve of voting day and the next day they reach at the polling booth, with their stomachs full and hearts indebted to the people who made that possible.

And guess what?  They want to get rid of that debt as soon as possible by pressing the button.

But wait, that’s not the complete truth.

The complete truth is that most of our so-called “Educated” and “Aware” people don’t care. All they say is this, “सब  चोर हैं, किसी को भी वोट दो कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ता, इसलिए मैं वोट दूंगा ही नहीं.”

(All of them are a bunch of crooks, it doesn’t matter who you vote for, and so, I will not vote)

So, there are two types of people responsible for corrupt people to come into power repeatedly.

  • The “Underprivileged” people
  • The “Educated” people

And we continue to be known as “A rich country with poor people.”

An Example of hypocrisy:

My uncle’s friend’s younger brother had gotten selected in government service. I heard my uncle saying to his friend, “Your brother will make a fortune out of this job. Apart from salary, he’ll make lots of money “Under the Table.”

I had a vague idea about the term “Under the Table” then. Today, I know what exactly it means.


I heard my uncle talking about corruption in India. “These bureaucrats are corrupt. Go to any government department and corruption is rampant everywhere. You can’t get your work done unless you pay a bribe. God knows what will be the future of this country?”

Can you see the hypocrisy here?

When it comes to you, “Under the Table” is right.

When someone else demands “Under the Table”, it’s corruption.

You cannot eliminate corruption unless you understand that it begins with you, and can be ended by you only.

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