Strong Teeth: Secrets for Healthy Gums & Teeth

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You can enjoy delicious foods as long as you have healthy teeth, but today’s fast-paced life and unhealthy food choices can prematurely weaken your teeth.

Here are some secrets (home remedies) that can keep your teeth in good shape. Most of the tips you are about to discover are simple and fundamental truths about oral hygiene.

1. Namak Ka Formula (The Magic Formula for Stronger Teeth)

This formula is a combination of mustard oil and salt which is an effective home remedy for swollen gums and toothaches since ages.  Here is the list of the things you need:

  • One small container (I prefer glass, though you can use plastic ones also)
  • One small bottle
  • 100 grams powdered salt: regular or Sendha Namak (Rock salt) (Sendha Namak can be used as it is, while ordinary one has to be put in the sun for about 2-3 hours to make it iodine-free.)
  • One tablespoon turmeric powder
  • 100 ml of mustard oil

Mix salt and turmeric powder and put the mixture in the plastic container. Keep mustard oil in the bottle.

It’s ready.

Ideally, you should use this mixture in the morning.

Take a little combination, pour 2-3 drops of mustard oil, mix it and make a paste. Gently massage your gums with this paste.

Keep your mouth closed for about 2 minutes, and then rinse with water. This formula heals bleeding gums and makes teeth strong.

2. Bandar Chhap Dantmanjan

It’s a readymade black toothpowder that you can use to keep your teeth health. Very effective (pictures below). It’s available on amazon.

Monkey brand black toothpowder


3. Don’t Over Brush Your Teeth

The toothpaste manufacturing companies have conditioned you to believe that brushing is the only way to cleaner and whiter teeth. Guess what; it’s a lie! Brushing is undoubtedly a way to clean teeth, but it’s not the only way.

Cleaning the teeth is not synonymous with brushing the teeth.

Let me ask you a question. Would you rewash a shirt in the morning that you’d already done in the night?

“Are you an idiot? Who washes an already washed shirt?”

Well, no one.

But how about your teeth? You see, it makes sense to brush teeth before going to bed. Otherwise, the tiny food particles can cause some tooth decay while you’re asleep but ‘cleaning’ them again in the morning when they were already clean? Are you serious?

Brushing teeth in the morning doesn’t help keep your teeth healthy. Instead, it helps toothpaste companies make a massive profit out of your ignorance.

Excess brushing can make your gums weak and vulnerable to bleeding. (I’ve heard some people brush their teeth three and even four times a day).

You may make it a habit to clean your teeth with a brush at night. That’s the only time you need to brush.

Forget about that ‘Brush twice daily’ bullshit. It’s just a hype by toothpaste manufacturing companies to rob you of money.

4. Why Do You Want to Whiten Your Teeth?

Do you have yellow teeth?

So what?

Your genetics decide the colour of your teeth (just like your complexion), so, don’t fall for the trap of teeth whitening toothpaste. The shiny, white teeth you see in the TV commercials are photoshopped and digitally manipulated.

Am I saying people don’t have white teeth?

Well, some people do.

If you’re not one of them, what’s the issue?

Got yellow teeth? Well, get used to them.

Got my point?


But I know you’ll still look for teeth whitening formulas or magic remedies (Damn you, tv commercials!), so let me give you one – it’s called “Mukta Chamak” – a kind of white powder.

I first saw one of my uncles using it. He was desperate to whiten his otherwise yellow teeth because of smoking and pan masala chewing (he was desperate to get married, you know).

The following is how you use the powder:

Apply the powder by rubbing it over your teeth. Keep your mouth closed for about 5 – 7 minutes and then rinse your mouth thoroughly with red wine.

Don’t have red wine? Then probably you could use water, it’ll do.

Use the powder regularly for about two months, and soon you’ll have a sexy and charming smile.

See, I just sold you a product for which I didn’t receive a penny, and you fell for it. That’s the powder (I mean, power) of marketing 😉

5. Don’t Go for Dental Cleaning (Scaling) too Often

Visiting a dentist for getting your teeth cleaned (scaling) is good. Scaling removes stubborn deposits and plaque from the hidden parts of your teeth and also whitens your teeth to a certain extent. But going overboard can weaken your otherwise healthy gums and teeth. If you want strong teeth, be careful about how many times a year you get scaling done.

6. Don’t Waste Money on ‘Mouth Wash’

Let’s say there’s an abandoned house down the street. And one room of that house is full of filth and garbage – Woah! It smells awful. What do you suggest should be done to remove the smell – should the windows be cleaned, or should the filth be removed?

Isn’t that a no-brainer? Of course, the room needs to be cleaned to eliminate the foul smell.

Oh, you’re a genius!

“But what the hell does it to do with teeth?” You wonder.


Remember the advertisements you watch on the TV featuring “Mouth Wash’ that could kill the bad breath in seconds?

That’s stupid (no, not you. The mouthwash adverts).

If you have bad breath, it means there’s something wrong with your stomach – your digestive system, not with your mouth.

Remember: A bad breath is a symptom of a bad stomach. Why would I spend money on a mouthwash when in reality I needed to treat my stomach?

The lesson: Mouthwash (Or Teeth Wash, as some people call them) is neither beneficial nor harmful – it’s just stupid.

7. Focus on Healthy Drinks

You can keep teeth healthy and active if you include healthy drinks and avoid unhealthy ones. Try to consume healthy beverages like juice, herbal tea, coconut water, milk, and lassi. And keep carbonated drinks to a minimum. Those so-called refreshing drinks weaken the enamel, and can also make your teeth prone to infections.

8. Ice Creams First, Coffees Later

Eat cold things first and hot things later. Let’s say you like your ice creams as much as you like your coffees. Make sure you enjoy your ice cream first and coffee afterwards. It’s essential, especially if you have sensitive gums and teeth.

9. Use ‘Datun’ for Strong Teeth

The Age-Old Indian Wisdom for healthy teeth – Datun.

A Datun is a perfect home remedy to various oral health problems like a toothache, tooth-decay (tooth cavities), tooth-infections, and bleeding gums.

‘Datun’ or ‘Dataun’ has been quite popular in many parts of India because it’s readily available there.   You can find Datun in cities also with a little extra effort.

Search for it in local parks, and if you are lucky, you’ll get one-with no chemicals, no preservatives, and no aftertaste. Following is a list of the most popular Datuns in India.


When it comes to Datun, nothing comes even close to Neem. It has lots of medicinal properties and is said to protect your teeth from cavities and keeps your breath fresh.


Babool is another popular Datun. It’s a traditional Indian shrub to maintain oral hygiene.


You must be wondering what Chirchita is?  It’s a wild shrub found mostly in the countryside. It’s considered one of the most extraordinary remedies for strengthening teeth. Availability might be an issue though. (See picture)


10. Keep Your Teeth Pressed Together While Peeing

I can bet on this one.

You haven’t heard it before. Have you?

I had read this technique in an interview with an old man touching almost 100. His teeth were healthy and gums intact. And it’s such a simple thing – press your teeth tightly when you do shoo-shoo, err, I mean, pee.

So, there you go — some simple and easy to follow tips to maintain oral hygiene & make your teeth stronger than before.

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