Take Advice from Experts only (Ignore the Milkman)

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I was chatting with my friend when one of my nephews came. He had completed 12th and wanted to know what he should do. Continue studies or take up a job?

Since I had only a vague idea of current market trends and career opportunities, I advised him to consult a professional career counsellor in Delhi.

Money Spent on Expert Advice is Money Well Spent

I made him understand that the money spent on paying the fees of an expert would be a wise investment.

He agreed.

Months went by. And then one day I came to know that he had started working as a mechanic.

I felt sorry for him.

No, there’s nothing wrong with being a mechanic as such, but I felt he wasted his talent by not making an informed decision – he could have done better had he contacted a career counsellor.

He too, like most of us, had fallen into the trap of saving money by not consulting an expert (a professional career counsellor in this particular case).

I see this happening quite often.

We feel that money spent on consulting professional experts like, lawyers, architects, advisers, or therapists – people who know their stuff is unimportant.

I don’t know when and why we started believing in such absurd concepts.

True, there are some so-called ‘professionals’ eyeing your money, but there are good people too, whose advice can change your life forever. They are well worthy of your money.

He Asked for My Help. I said, “Take Advice from Experts.”

Another nephew of mine phoned me when he was planning to build his house.

I had read a couple of books on Vastu and Feng Shui, and he wanted my help to make a Vastu compliant home.

I told him that he should hire a professional Vastu expert.

Some thousands spent on paying a Vastu expert will make remarkable use of lacs he was going to spend on constructing his home.

I suggested the name of a well-known Vastu expert, and luckily, he already had the mobile number of the expert (noted down from one of his articles in a newspaper).

At first, both of us were hesitant because we assumed the Vastu expert might be too expensive for us to afford, but then we decided to go ahead.

I dialled the number, and to our surprise, the fee was reasonable. We fixed an appointment and got the job done.

At that time, that boy was staying with one of his relatives, and when he discussed getting a Vastu complaint map from a professional, he got a negative response.

His relatives reasoned that building a home was not rocket science and anybody could have made a map (really?)

Also, they said that hiring a professional Vastu expert will be a waste of money.

Confused, the boy again asked for my advice.

I encouraged him to go ahead as per the plan, and he did.

Today, his home is a well-designed, comfortable, and peaceful dwelling.

Need ‘Expert Advice?’ Ask Experts

Would ask your milk vendor what medicine to take to cure a fever?

Then why do you seek advice from ignorant and (even dumb) people when it comes to your career?

Advice is freely available – any Tom, Dick and Harry are willing to lecture if you just listened.

I remember:

I was unemployed and passing through a tough phase when a guy gave me a lecture on things I was doing wrong and how to correct them.

And guess what? He is a failure – living on his father’s money (and lecturing others about success).

Beware of such ‘advisors.’

Take advice from experts only, and you’ll be glad you did.

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