Thank You (for NOT Inviting Me to Your Party)

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I threw that paper plate in the dustbin.

Let’s try this stall.


Okay, let’s take another chance.

What the fuck!?

That’s how I felt while struggling to find something worthy of eating—to comfort my growling stomach.

I had been invited to a marriage function—a party, you know.

And I was kind of hungry, for two reasons:

a) It was supposed to be a dinner, and b) I had skipped my mid-evening meal in anticipation of mouth-watering food.

You see, today was the last day of my “refeed” regimen (I am eating in a caloric deficit to get shredded) and so I thought of eating rice and lots of another mouth-watering dishes. That’s far better than munching on a boring, cornflakes, milk and protein powder snack, right? (Go ahead, call me greedy 🙂 ).

And boy, was I wrong.

I am still to digest, not the food, of course. Because I could not stand the substandard quality of the food and somehow filled my stomach, I couldn’t believe that food—the most important aspect of a social gathering was ignored like it didn’t matter.

Now, let me ask you a question:

Why do You Attend a Party (BIG or Small)?

Do you go to witness how grand the venue was, how spectacular the lighting, or such things?

Or do you go to honour your taste buds (not in a gluttonous sense, of course) along with a satisfying face-to-face interaction with friends and relatives (which is quite limited nowadays)?

I am not saying that the arrangement—the lighting, the ambience, the overall feel of a venue does not matter; it does.

But, when people visit a party, they expect the food to be comforting. It doesn’t have to be exotic or out of the world. “Warm food” would do.

(See, the word warm itself is comforting on a chilly evening, isn’t it?)

Am I overreacting? It was just food, after all.

Yeah, maybe.

Just food. (What a life-less expression)

Maybe I am too “sensitive” about this whole food thing (because I am a mix of elvish and hobbit-like personalities). For me, warm food matters when I visit a party or when I invite someone over for dinner at my place.

I have a request for you…

If you’re inviting somebody over for dinner at your home or a party (small or grand), please make sure the food is “warm”—something worth talking about. People don’t say much about the quality of food at a party to the host because that would be rude.

But does that mean the host is free to ignore the most important element of a social gathering—the food?

To be honest, if you invite me over for dinner, I’d expect the food to be good (blame it on the exceptional quality sweets and delicacies in my hometown Muzaffarnagar). If you’re planning not to pay much attention to the taste and quality, I’d understand.

But please, don’t bother inviting people like me who value delicious food and the joy it brings.

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