5 Tips for Girls to Have Safe Travel

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Travelling alone can be a little worrisome for girls.

But you need not be if you stay alert. Here are some simple tips for girls to have a safe trip.

1. Carry a Mobile Phone

The mobile phone is a boon. You can always stay in touch with your family.

Get a personal mobile phone and carry it when travelling.

Update your family members if you are stuck in a traffic jam or anything that might threaten your safety and well-being.

Make sure the battery is charged, and you have enough balance to make and receive calls. I advise you to carry the charger along so you can charge your phone in case the need arises.

2. Use Busy Streets and Roads at Night

Girls are more prone to dangers on deserted streets and roads than full ones. So, it’s evident that you should use crowded streets and alleys, especially at night. It’s essential that you stay aware of your surroundings when walking.

Consider walking on the opposite side of the road. Suppose you are walking on the left side of road and traffic is also moving parallel to you, in this situation, you can’t see who is coming from behind, but if you walk on the opposite side, right side, then the traffic would be coming from the front. You are walking, facing the vehicles and are fully aware who’s approaching.

3. Keep Cash For Travel in a Separate Wallet

Cash can attract anti-social elements.

Make sure you carry enough money but don’t keep all the cash in your purse, instead consider keeping it in two or three different places, like the purse, handbag, and pocket.

Keep money handy to buy tickets or to pay for some eatable.

Do not open your wallet too often. It will help you avoid pickpockets looking for their next prey, and you’ll be able to travel without worries.

4. Learn Martial Arts

When it comes to self-defence, nothing comes even close to martial arts. If you research a little, you can find some good marshal art schools or private coaches in your vicinity. Surf the internet, ask friends or co-workers, and you are sure to come across useful resources to learn this beautiful art, so you stay ready if and when you face an unpleasant situation.

5. Don’t Reveal Much Information to Strangers

You do need to exchange information when you travel but make sure you are not revealing more than enough information. The world can be good and evil at the same time, and travellers, especially females can get cheated by strangers on their way in buses, trams, metros, taxis, anywhere. It is advisable that you don’t reveal much about yourself to strangers. A helping hand might be a harming one in disguise.

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