Be a Guest People Love to Welcome: 5 Tips

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Being a guest people love is not a difficult task, all you need is to be a little more courteous and respectful. Here are my top 5 tips that can help you be a guest people love to welcome time and again.

1. Carry a Gift

How do you feel unwrapping a gift?

Wonderful. Excited. Exhilarated. Right?

That’s precisely how your host feels when you carry a gift for him.

A gift is a symbol of love and care since eternity, and it’s a noble gesture to carry one while visiting someone.

The gift you choose can be an expensive one (a Swiss watch, maybe) or a simple one, like some fresh flowers, chocolates, and candies. So, next time when you visit someone, do take care to grab one for your host, it makes a difference.

2. Inform Your Host in Advance

You like surprises. Well, that might be a good thing for you, but it might be an uncomfortable thing for your host.

Not all people like surprises and if you are one of those people who appear in people’s places out of nowhere, here’s advice for you – DON’T!

Nowadays life is busy and hectic, and most of the people plan their day, anything that comes in between is a pain in the ass and unless you want to become one, always inform your host in advance. Also, find out the day and timings that works best for both of you.

3. Keep an Eye on the Watch

There’s a saying-‘मेहमान पहले दिन फूल, दूसरे दिन शूल और तीसरे दिन त्रिशूल लगने लगता है’ (Guest appears flower the first day, thorn second day and a trident the third day)

Not all people have grand houses and resources where guests can stay for as long as they wish. Your host might start disliking your company if you stay too long. Here’s a simple rule to follow- enjoy the tea, enjoy the food, enjoy the company and get out!

Limit the visit for 4-5 hours max, and if it’s an outstation one, keep it for not more than one or two days.

4. Do Remember to Carry Your Towel

Your host will be more than happy to see you making at home at his place until you ask for her brand new fashion lingerie.

I have seen people not carrying even the necessary supplies with them-towels, soaps, and shaving kit, and when they do need them, they expect the host to provide the stuff which is utterly stupid!

Make sure you are carrying at least the essential items like toothbrush, towel, under-garments, shaving kit and other stuff, so you don’t become a burden on your host.

5. Never Touch Anything Without Permission (Except the Toilet Paper)

Things in a home are always personal, that’s why people keep them inside their house. Otherwise, you could have located that stuff in public places like parks and on footpaths.

Some people have a habit of using anything and everything they can get their hands on. There’s nothing wrong in it, except, that it may put your host off (which you don’t want, right?)

If you have kids with you, instruct them not to touch anything whatsoever, without asking the host. (except the toilet paper 🙂 )

(I get pissed off if someone moves my books without my permission. Do remember this if you ever get a chance to visit me :))

Follow these simple tips, and you’re sure to get welcome by your host-again and again.

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