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“When Somebody Abuses Your Trust for the First Time, it’s his Mistake but if the Same Person Abuses Your Trust Again, it’s Yours.” – Avdhesh Tondak

“The Best Way to Find out if You Can Trust Somebody is to Trust Them.” – Ernest Hemingway

“Trust is Possible only if You First Trust Yourself.” – Osho

“The Best Proof of Love is Trust.”

“Be Careful Who You Trust, If Someone Will Discuss others With You, They Will Certainly Discuss You With Others.”

“Never Lie to Someone Who Trusts You, Never Trust Someone Who Lies to You.”

“Stop Asking Me to Trust You While I am Still Coughing Up Water from the Last Time You Let Me Drown.”

“I Don’t Trust Easily, So When I Tell You I Trust, Please Don’t Make Me Regret it.”

“Trust in God, But Always Lock Your Car.”

“I Trusted You. I Know. Mistake.”

“You Can’t Constantly Lie and Expect People to Trust You.”

“I Never Trust a Man that Doesn’t Drink.”

“What is Trust? When You Throw a Baby in the Air, She Laughs Because She Knows You Will Catch Her.”

“You Can Always Trust a Dishonest Man to Be Dishonest, It is the Honest Man You Should Not Trust, for You Never Know When He Would be Dishonest.” – Captain Jack Sparrow

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