5 Ways to Save the Environment

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Nowadays, I hear a lot about different ways to save the environment. I feel that significant changes can bring about if we care for little things, you know, those trivial things we never notice.

So, I am sharing with you 5 ways to save the environment, but before that, let’s understand why you should do that?

It’s Cool

Youth is another name for energy. Some young people take great pleasure in defying the authority. Braking rules and norms sound cool to them. But it’s not cool. In fact, keeping your surroundings clean is the coolest thing you could ever do.

It Raises Your Self-esteem

When you keep your surroundings clean and tidy, it makes you feel good, because you are a responsible person. Living such an accountable and graceful life raises your self-esteem.

It Inspires Others

We all learn from each other. When your friends and classmates notice you making efforts to save the environment, they also get inspired to do the same. Gradually, it becomes a chain reaction, where everyone supports everyone else. A good example is the Delhi metro. The same people who litter the road keeps the subway clean.

Here are 5 ways to save the environment.

1. Use Paper to Wrap Gifts

Plastic gift-wrapping sheets look fancy but are toxic. They pollute the soil and may also get into the drainage system and block the sewer. Fancy paper gift-wrappings are as good as their plastic counterparts and serve the same purpose.

The receiver will anyway keep the gift only and throw away the wrapping.

Next time when you plan to gift something, consider getting it wrapped in paper.

2. Throw Garbage in Dustbin Only

Some people have a habit of throwing garbage anywhere, and everywhere – streets, roadsides, footpaths, trains, buses, hospitals, and pavements.

You don’t throw garbage in your home.

You don’t litter in your office.

Then why litter outside?

The dustbin is the right place for garbage. That’s where it belongs.

3. Don’t Honk

How would you feel if I keep on honking at your back constantly?
Irritated, stressed, angry… Right?

That’s precisely how others feel when YOU honk. Horns were devised to draw the attention of others in case of an emergency, and not to be blown every other second.

Next time you get ‘inspired’ to blow the horn, pause for a moment and think if it is that necessary?  90 per cent of the time it’s not. I don’t remember the last time I blew the horn. I rarely need it. What you need is a little patience and courtesy.

4. Walk

Why use vehicles unnecessarily? If the distance you need to cover is short, why not walk?  Walking saves fuel and the environment and also keeps you healthy.

5. Save the Environment: Ditch Newspapers

Newspapers are a source of negativity. They keep dumping all the wrong things in your mind.

Not to mention how many trees get killed every day because of our ‘newspaper reading’ habit.

Continue reading newspapers if you want to turn negative, but if that isn’t the case, then probably you should stop reading them.

“OK, but then how would I stay informed”, you ask.

Well, you can use the Internet, radio, or television.

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