What Goes Around Comes Around

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What goes around comes around.

It’s a fact one must realise early in life, especially when you’re still young because the habits formed in youth are generally permanent.

Be careful about the kind of habits you form and how you see the world.

Some people tend to take the world for granted.

They believe nothing wrong can happen to them even if they do loads of wrong to others.

But the truth is, what goes around, comes around. You get what you give. Whatsoever a man sow, that shall he also reap.

Unfortunately, nobody told me this truth when I was a kid.

“What Goes Around Comes around.” I Learned the Hard Way

I was in 3rd standard when one of my cousins came to our home for studying.

He stayed with us for one year. Initially, everything was okay, but after some time, I started feeling jealous of him, because he also was getting the same food, the same clothing and attention as my younger brother and myself.

I started teasing him. I troubled him as much as any eight years old can. I used to get a solid scolding from my parents that, but I wasn’t bothered. That didn’t matter to me. All I wanted was to trouble him at any cost. Little did I know that that behaviour of mine would cost me many valuable years of my life.

Things changed, he went back to his home after one year and then my lousy time started.

I had to leave my home at the age of 9 and study at my uncle’s house. Everything went smoothly for a couple of months and then circumstances changed.

I stayed with them like an outcast for eight long years. There was not a single day when I didn’t face mental torture.

At that time I could not understand why it was happening to me, but today, I know the reality. What I had given was being given back to me. What went around came around.

Why Am I Telling You This?

There’s only one reason- I want you to learn that whatever you give will eventually come back to you and it’s better if you could learn this NOW so that you can live a good life afterwards.

A True Incident

In my neighbourhood, there was a family of 4 people – A man, his wife (second wife), older son (24 years) from his first wife and younger son (10 years) from his second wife.

That man’s second wife used to treat her stepson pretty severely.

I had seen him crying many times.

One day when he was arguing with her, the man shouted at him and said: “Show some respect, she is your mother.”

The boy replied with tears,“ She is not my mother, my mother died a long time back”.

Now, imagine, a 24-year-old boy crying in the street and saying such words.

Can you imagine his pain and suffering?

Days went by and then, one day, when he couldn’t stand his stepmother’s torture, he went away. Where? No one knows. After a year or so, a strange thing happened. That man’s younger son (from his second wife) went insane, without any apparent reason.

What went around came around.

One More Real-life Example

In my village, my grandfather had planted a couple of mango trees a long time back. I had seen all the trees big and magnificent always. Time passed, and the trees started getting old.

My grandfather along with his three brothers decided to plant new ones so by the time older ones will retire, the new ones would be ready.

New mango plants were bought and planted by all four brothers. (Four plants each)

I am quite fond of gardening, so I used to take great care of my mango plants.
They were quite small at that time. I used to water all the trees.

It was a pleasure for me to see them grow.

I had a dream that one day all of those small saplings will grow into big trees and my hard labour will become fruitful, but it remained a dream.

Jealousy Killed Some Mango Trees

One of my uncles in my extended family (who is younger than me) was jealous of the excellent health of our plants.

(He didn’t take care of his mango plants, and soon they started dying out.)

Here’s one more thing:

I used to water my mango plants in the evening, and one of his mango plants was there on the way.

I always wet that plant first with 1-2 buckets full of water and then only watered mine.

That jealous creature started doing something that can be considered nothing but sin.

He started breaking the tender, uppermost twig of our mango plants.

I was working hard every single day, and he was voiding my efforts.

He did that for about 4-5 years. 3 of my plants died out and so did something inside me.

I was heartbroken.

And then, a mango tree with the most delicious fruits in the whole orchard became infertile. That tree used to be laden with loads of mangoes. I had tasted some of its fruits. Those mangoes were sweet like anything.

The tree was in good shape, but there were no more mangoes in sight.

Everything possible was undertaken to get it back to its previous avatar. It was watered, got loads of nutrients and fertilisers, but with no success.

Whose tree was that?

The guy who used to break the tender twigs of my mango plants – my uncle.

What went around came around one more time, without fail.

What’s the Point?

Think before you do anything wrong to anyone – whatever you are giving is going to come back – guaranteed. Try not to hurt anyone intentionally. It doesn’t mean that you should try to please people, NO! That’s not what I mean.

What I want to say is this:

Be kind.

Do well.

Live well.

And remember:

What Goes Around Comes Around.

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